Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Drumsticks

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Recipe by jubileejjones

You know the old saying "Bacon Makes Everything Better" Well, we all know that is not true but in this recipe the Bacon adds a dimension to the dish that pushes it over the top! Don't be scared by the recipe it is easier to do than first glance will lead you to believe and the end result is delicious!

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  1. Roll skin of chicken back. Slice 2 slits in the chicken and place cheddar cheese cubes and then roll skin back up.
  2. Season the drum sticks with salt and pepper.
  3. Wrap with bacon.
  4. Preheat oven 400.
  5. Fry wrapped drumsticks on medium heat in cast iron skillet (or heavy pan). 12 -15 minutes on each side, until all sides brown.
  6. While browning drumsticks. Slice onion and tomato.
  7. Pull off heat and cool off.
  8. Drain off grease, save about a Tablespoon.
  9. Put in onions and sauté until lightly wilted.
  10. Put in tomatoes, salt, pepper, sugar, balsamic vinegar, and oregano.
  11. Put chicken back in and spoon sauce around the drumsticks.
  12. Put in oven 25-30 minutes.

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