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Comfort food! I've been searching for healthy recipes to make ahead and freeze this winter. I'm not big on meatloaf but for some reason this recipe caught my eye. (Maybe it was the bacon.)

I doubled the amount of meat, because it seemed like the meat to veg/bread crumb ratio was a bit off. This probably wasn't necessary, but I enjoyed the meatier texture. I also doubled the bread crumbs, and used just under two eggs. (I dislike an "eggy" meatloaf.)

I pre-cooked the bacon just a bit to render off some of the fat, and that seemed to work well. I was also sure to not over mix the ingredients.

It turned out fantastic! My version made four large burger-like loaves. The larger size meant I had to use two pieces of bacon (BACON!!!) for each one. It also meant adding about seven additional minutes to the cooking time.

I am very picky, and I really enjoyed this recipe. Can't wait to try it from the freezer. I predict it will be just as good!

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rangerskadi November 20, 2012
Bacon-Wrapped Mini Meatloaf