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Just a quickie suggestion on these FABULOUS poppers...I personally like my bacon on the crispy side and have found that microwaving your bacon for one minute on high to start the cooking process and then letting the bacon cool while you prep will make for a crispier popper after baking them...another tip is too raise them on a wire rack (not coated!) and put the rack on a foil lined sheet...gets the poppers out of excess grease and makes clean up much easier with the tin foil! Can't say enough good about these...I leave seeds/veins in half my batches to make them spicy! Try them...you will be hooked as will friends and family!

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patinawhite December 23, 2008

Ok these were amazing. The prep time is a little deceptive though as it took way longer. I took them to a potluck barbecue and worried because they were still very spicy. I had cleaned most of the seeds but left most of the membranes in the peppers. My concern didn't last long as they were immediately attacked. After they cooled we started putting them on the charcoal grill and heating them back up. Excellent idea as they were even better with a little smoky taste. Next time I'll be cooking them on the grill! I like the additions some of the reviewers have suggested and I will try some hot raspberry jelly. MMmmm!

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Notherjack July 22, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
Has anyone tried substituting Pineapple cream cheese for the regular cream cheese? You don't have to put the Cheddar cheese on them. Although, it would be yummy. Just halve the Jalapenos lengthwise, fill with the Pineapple Cream cheese & wrap with bacon. Bake @ 350 until bubbly and bacon is crisp.

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jessduke June 21, 2011

i have made these several times now and they seem to get more delicious every time! i use a grapefruit spoon to take out the seeds and membrane. the spoon also works well for putting the cream cheese in the jalapeno. i do cook them longer than suggested to crisp the bacon...i will have to try precooking the bacon next time. love these!

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lisa6682 February 09, 2011

These poppers are wonderful. I did modify a little according to my family's preferences. I mixed the cheddar sheese in with the cream cheese and I added one tablespoon of cajun spices to the cheese mixture. Awesome ! Also, I lined my baking sheet with foil and then put the poppers on a greased/sprayed wire rack.

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MsDopey2u December 09, 2008

I am so grateful to have found this recipe. I changed a bit thanks to reading some of the other reviews and added a twist of my own.I cut enough of the peppers lengthwise to form a small boat, leaving the stem on. I removed the seeds and membrane.I precooked the bacon half way and put to the side. I cooked some extra bacon all the way and mix it in the cream cheese as well as chopped up a few green onions and added a small amount of red pepper jelly, mixing it all together with the cream cheese. Putting the cream cheese mixture to the jalapeño boat. I then wrapped the half cooked bacon around the jalapeño and baked it in the oven until done. The sweet heat from the pepper jelly was a big hit. I layed the jalapeño boats on a bed of lettuce on a party tray. Looked beautiful and the lettuce help soak up any grease if any from the jalapeños.

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ChezDanielle January 10, 2008

I made these twice over the Thanksgiving weekend. OUTSTANDING! Even people who dont like hot or spicy food even tried them and thought they were great! I will be prepping these for a Football tailgate party this upcoming weekend also. Throw them on the grill and cook em that way! Suggestions: 1.) Cut the bacon in half the length way and use that half to wrap one of your poppers. 2.) Alcohol prep pads...The oil in the peppers comes off your hands in seconds if you use these. This makes it so you dont have to worry about putting your finger in your eye or whatever.

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Cody Baloney November 29, 2008

These were delicious. The only suggestion I would make is to go lighter on the cream cheese, and mix the cream cheese and the cheddar before putting them in the jalapeno. We served them on a platter with the bacon wrapped dates and it was a really nice sweet and spicy and salty appetizer platter.

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LuvsSushi November 27, 2008

I did modify a bit--I mixed all together: 8oz reduced fat cream cheese, 1 cup reduced fat grated sharp cheddar, 3 green onions thinly sliced and 1 pkg fully cooked bacon (micro cooked so can crumble). I bought 20 jalapenos and it filled all of them. Baked at 400 for 15 minutes. It was easy, fairly clean and a little bit better for you! Also, a grapefruit spoon works wonderfully to pull out the seeds/ribs. I calculated the calories using my ingredients as 31 calories per piece (I had 40 pieces).

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Kim S. June 23, 2013

my son james loves these he cooks them on the grill

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Dienia B. October 08, 2012
Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers