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Gailann, my dear, you are genius! Make me wish I'd grown up in a neighborhood where I could be inspired! LOL This sandwich was delectable. I must admit that I did not even like guacamole until my 20's (I had a friend who called it 'grasshopper guts' - go figure) and had never tried avocado on a sandwich before. You've now remedied that! I could taste the flavor of the citrus/garlic/pepper marinade, which provided a nice canvas for the bacon, swiss and avocado. YUM! I did use sub rolls, as I had them on hand. I will surely throw this into my summertime 'dinner solution' rotation. Thanks so much for sharing!

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alligirl April 06, 2011

Great sandwich! We don't like Swiss cheese so we did provolone cheese. I forgot to put bacon on it-BUMMER! Bacon makes everything better, oh well next time for sure. Thank you for a simple recipe I always have lemon and lime juice on hand so it was perfect for us.

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newtocookingm&m March 24, 2013
Bacon Wrapped Grilled Chicken Sandwich