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Excellent! I'm making it for company tonight for the second time. I only use one strip of bacon stretched thin, as the 2 slices gave the dish too much of a 'sausage'/pork flavor. Definitely a keeper! Thanks for posting!

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Axe December 27, 2010

June 8, '07 This is the best everrrrr!!!! I make this almost every week. My DH favorite. Thanks a million , Kit for sharing this awesome recipe. I will give this more than 10 stars if i could. Soooooo YUMMY!!!!! Glen of Coolidge, Arizona May 28th, '07 This is the best ever!!!! My DH is sooo addicted with this one. It's a keeper. Thanks a million again, Kit for sharing!!! Big hugs, Glen of Coolidge, Arizona Hi again Kit, I made this for dinner last night and OOOH MY GOSH!!!! It was "DELICIOUS." Very very tasty and yummy. EXCELLENT RECIPE. Good job, Kit. I'll be making this again for our guests today. I can't wait to hear what they think. Thanks a million, Kit for sharing this. Yummy, yummy!! May 15th, '07 Hi Kit, I don't know how many times i've made this recipe already but like i said it's gotten to be a weekly thing for my hubby. This one is his PERSONAL favorite. I made this again last night but i didn't use cream of chicken soup instead, I put 1 cup of GRATED PARMESAN CHEESE, i used half and half instead of milk and use more sour cream iN it. What i did was, i added chopped fresh parsley into the sauce and i used part of it as a paste on the chicken before i rolled it up. I also put some shredded mozarella on top of the paste with the cream cheese. OHHH, it was delicious. I might add, my hubby really likes cheese. he-he. I also pre-cooked the bacon 400 degrees in the oven for 15 mins. and it was perfect for the rolling. Soo, more than 10 stars for this one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. luvyah, Glen of Coolidge, Arizona

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karadale June 07, 2007

This is amazing. Everyone who tried it loved it. I'm a hit or miss type of cook and this was a hit. The only issues I encountered were my pan was not deep enough for the chicken and sauce. I ended up with alot of extra sauce. I got some bread out and let the kids use it as a dip, they couldn't get enough and ended up eating the whole loaf. The other issue was temp and bake time. I turned my oven up to 375 and added another half hour to it. Still the chicken came out super moist. We're also bacon lovers so I pan fried some of the extra bacon and crumbled it on top of the dish at the end. Awesome recipe I will definitely try again.

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flbls90 July 31, 2015

I pounded the large Costco chicken breasts the best I could without destroying them. I found them really hard to roll and the cheese did escape because they weren't rolls. More like a taco. I had to add green onion to the cheese because I can buy only regular Philadelphia cheese. I placed 3 slices of bacon atop each breast instead of wrapping it around so that it would crisp a bit better. Served mashed potatoes with the sauce on top. Thank you for the recipe! We enjoyed it!

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nisea916 May 06, 2014

This is without doubt the best ever stuffed chicken recipe I have tried.

The sauce is superb, I didn't have any cheddar cheese in so used smoked apple for the final step which worked really well. I think I will use palma ham instead of bacon next time as the bacon rashers from a packet are not long enough to completely wrap the stuffed chicken.

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peter64 July 24, 2011

Delicious! I had to make some variations because I had no canned soup. So like Chef # Glenn, I used cheese - but used Romano (I was out of parmesan too) added to the sour cream and mayo and milk . I baked it at 350, and pre-partially cooked the bacon. The cream cheese I used was whipped plain cream cheese and it worked great too. I didn't add any extra cheese on top - it was plenty cheesy! Yum!

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thejonesgal May 23, 2011

Made this for a group dinner and everyone liked it. We served with potato casserole, green beans & rolls. I didn't pre-cook the bacon at all before wrapping the chicken, but next time I will be sure to do that.

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Southern Bug December 07, 2010

mmmm.....these are fattening and super yummy...mine didn't look very pretty but they sure tasted good! thanks!

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cookiemakin'mama March 11, 2010

easy and yummy!!! thanks

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Florecita-Rockera December 14, 2009
Bacon-Wrapped Cream Cheese Chicken Breast