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I had been wanting to try these for a while now. I omitted the cocoa, had none, and had to use a boxed white cake. I didn't realize it was vanilla flavored cake until all was mixed and I will not make that mistake again. I enjoyed the flavor of the cakes (minus the vanilla flavor) and didn't have a problem with them being dry. May be because I hate waste and I had a bit more applesauce in the fridge than what the recipe called for so I dumped it in. There was one thing that wasn't too pleasing and that was the little chunks of bacon. I chopped them quite small but they were still little hard pieces that you had to chew. That can be solved quite easily though. Thank you so much for the recipe!

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nisea916 September 24, 2014

As a lover of good cupcakes I give this one an honest review with the product being very tasty with the essence of bacon coming through very strongly in the finished cupcake with the sweet icing that adds some moisture to an otherwise dry cupcake. I am glad I had a chance to make these for the Dining on a dollar contest 2013.

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Slocan cook March 02, 2013

A great idea, but needs tweaking. The frosting was too sweet, and the cupcakes were a touch dry. DH loved them though! Thanks for posting! Made for Dining on a Dollar

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pammyowl March 12, 2013
Bacon Surprise Cupcakes With Maple Frosting