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This was fabulous! I did make some changes but only minor ones. 1st I changed the type of cheese because even though I love swiss, the rest of my family does not feel the same way. I ended up using 8oz of cheddar combined with 6oz of havarti (we love extra cheese). The only other thing I did differantly was to scramble the eggs instead of hard boiling them. I am not one who is fond of over cooked eggs, so I scrambled them and left them a tad on the runny side, layered them in the dish and allowed them to finish cooking in the oven. They came out perfect! I added a picture of my own. This is definately going into my keeper file. Thanks for posting!

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DbKnadler January 07, 2010

this tastes great, and was gone in a flash!!! If you bring it to a potluck make sure to also tag along some salt and pepper too. Preperation time is a bit long though and I even bought pre boiled eggs. I recommend a better quality, less fat, more meaty bacon or even breakfast sausage.

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Sarah5eve April 08, 2005

Changing my review of this to 5 stars. The more we ate on this, the better it got. Added some baby bella mushrooms that I fried up along with the onions. I also used the oven-ready noodles after I had soaked them in warm water for 5 minutes and they worked out fine. (Any longer and they tend to stick together). Very nice taste. Thanks for posting this recipe.

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mammafishy April 16, 2012

Surprisingly good, Lorilyn. I froze the leftovers and I'm still enjoying it. This is going to make a great brunch recipe. I used Canadian bacon to cut down on the fat and whole wheat lasagna. My MIL is going to love this on Mother's Day.

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sugarpea January 09, 2008

Okay there is a long story behind these variations.......The day after Easter I planned to make this using our leftover dyed eggs,needless to say I started getting everything prepared when I realized I had forgot to boil the lasagne noodles,I rushed over to the cabinet to get them and can you guess what????.....there were none I wasnt going to waste the ingredients I had already prepared sooo I searched for something to replace them....the only thing I had (that would have been sensible anyway) was flour tortillas....so I cut them into strips and layered them like I would have the noodles.......it ended up delicious.It was a little runny but that didnt stop it from being eaten within minites!!!!Thanks for sharing my family wants me to make this again!P.S.I wil try the noodles next time:)

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crawfish pie April 13, 2002

Woah - this was amazing! Creamy, cheesy and packed with eggs and bacon - which of course makes everything better! I loved how easy it was to put together and then we just had to be patient while it baked - the hardest part! We'll definitely be having this again!

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anniesnomsblog November 29, 2014

I'm not going to give a star review yet because I made a couple changes that probably affected how this turned out. I used minced dried onions because I was out of fresh ones. I browned them using 1/3 cup butter instead of bacon grease because I cooked my bacon in the microwave. Anyway, that didn't work too well given the onions were dried and it turned the sauce a weird brown color. I also used oven ready lasagne noodles that you don't have to precook. I don't think there was quite enough sauce to soften them up all the way although they weren't crunchy or anything. So I basically changed the whole recipe but it still turned out pretty good. I'll try making it again the right way and I'm sure it'll be even better!

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Pismo April 17, 2008

This was very good, but even BETTER as leftovers the next day--zapped in the microwave. I even had a few bites for a SNACK in the evening. Okay, the changes I made: I used egg noodles (Mother Hubbard's cupboard was OUT of lasagne) and Monterey Jack--which is kind of mild and blah--so I'd like to make this again WITH the Swiss. I pressed the layers down firmly to achieve a better layered look. Very filling recipe, and as I always say, "Anything with BACON has got to be good!"--and this certainly was!!! I would add MORE onions and DOUBLE the sauce next time. *Made for PAC Spring 08*

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Debber April 06, 2008

This. Was. Delicious! I made it yesterday (a lot of work) and baked it today. Stupidly, I didn't look at the block of cheese...I thought it was swiss but it was actually Monterrey Jack. So it didn't have that sharpness that Swiss has. Still REALLY yummy though. Just a lot of work. But worth it. Everyone loved it. It would probably be really good with a little hot sauce on the side. And maybe 1.5 pounds of bacon instead of just one pound. YUM.

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amybeth4 June 24, 2012

My word this was tasty. I have anything else to add. Made for Every Day Holiday Tag. :)

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Lori Mama July 13, 2009
Bacon 'n' Egg Lasagna