Total Time
Prep 4 hrs
Cook 1 hr

I got the idea from watching Iron Chef America. Someone made a bacon ice cream but I never heard any details about it. So I started thinking about how to make it and make it great. I figured that bacon is the candy of the meat world, so why not candy the bacon. Now the quality of the maple syrup is gonna effect the flavor of the ice cream. This may sound odd, but I promise you that this will become your new favorite and you'll be demanding that Ben & Jerry's starts selling this at your corner store. cooking time includes cooling time, and set up time in the freezer.

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  1. Bacon:.
  2. Pre Heat oven to 400°F.
  3. mix the 1 tablespoon of syrup and the 1/4 cup brown sugar to form a paste.
  4. Lay the bacon out on a cooling rack on a lined sheet pan (lining the sheet pan will save you some nasty clean up.
  5. Spread the paste on one side of the bacon and then bake for 10 minutes.
  6. Pull out bacon and turn each slice over. Spread the paste the other side of the bacon and out back in the oven for another 10 minutes.
  7. Pull bacon out and turn it over again, then bake for another 5-10 minutes, or until bacon is evenly glazed.
  8. Cool completely and then chop into small pieces.
  9. Maple Ice Cream:.
  10. Combine all the ice cream ingredients except the bacon in a medium sauce pan and heat to 170°F.
  11. Cool completely before adding to your ice ream maker.
  12. Follow you ice cream makers directions, but the basics are
  13. make sure you machine has been in the freezer for 24 hours and that the mixture is chilled completely.
  14. add the mixture to the machine while it's running.
  15. wait until the ice cream is at a soft serve consistancy before adding the bacon pieces.
  16. Put the ice cream in an airtight container and put in the freezer for a few hours before enjoying.
Most Helpful

This ice cream will change your life! It is excellent! A few thoughts on the recipe...

I am not sure why the base needs to be brought up to 170 degrees when there aren't any eggs.

The paste was hard to spread on the bacon. Next time I plan to sprinkle the brown sugar, then drizzle with the syrup.

I added extra Maple Extract to the base to up the maple flavor.

Kellie Kuhar January 29, 2012

Does it need to be real cream/milk? I have a child who can't handle this much dairy. Could we sub at least part of it with another milk product? Maybe use a little bit of full cream and then the rest an almond milk, etc? Will it still turn to soft serve (albeit less creamy)?

Michelle R. January 20, 2016

Wow, wow, wow! This is like my favorite breakfast in ice cream form! Love the creamy cold maple flavor paired with the chewy, sweet and salty bacon. I doubled the maple flavoring, but otherwise followed the recipe. I agree that it was a little difficult to spread the sugar paste on the bacon and think that sprinkling the sugar and drizzling the syrup over the bacon would work better. My guess as to why the cream mixture is heated is to help dissolve the sugar. To prevent my smoke alarms from going off, I changed the foil underneath each time I turned the bacon over, so the drippings wouldn't continue to burn. If you are fan of bacon and the sweet and salty combo, this recipe is for you

Delicious as it Looks May 14, 2015

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