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I used the bacon grease and omitted the peas also. This is a terrific one dish mea. When I added the eggs, I thought I was making a scrambled mess, but I was wrong (of course that's not too unusual for me). It all blended together very nicely (and quickly too). I added the crisp bacon which I cut up smaller than recommended for personal preference. (it makes it look like I'm not eating so much of it). The garlic added wonderful flavor with the bacon grease also. Wow, and bacon, eggs, starch, onion..... This would make a terrific breakfast in a wrap also. Great job Sandi, thanks so much for sharing. We will be making this again. :) ~2Bleu

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2Bleu February 17, 2008

outstanding and a keeper. We were surprised on how good it is . I had 2 large platefulls and could have eaten more.It every bit a 5 star.Easy to make and will have it often. Thank so much for a wonderful dish.Wife made it twice and I ate it all again. It sure a keeper

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kandbstewart September 17, 2008

Confucius say, why I no think of this before??? This is extremely delicious!!! If you are lazy, like me, you can use the rendered bacon fat in place of the Canola oil. Even though I know that Take-Out fried rice has peas in it, I was a little "pea shy" (due to an unpleasant curry experience) and added about 1/2 of an 16 oz pkg of peas. I must say, they were a very nice addition. Me and "Grasshopper" thank you :D!!

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Freya June 14, 2007
Bacon Fried Rice