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I wasn't sure about these with all the different flavors, but it worked pretty well. I followed the suggestions for the extra butter and egg to keep them from being too dry. I also forgot the cinnamon in the glaze. A couple things I'd do differently if I made these again: 1. Try and get the bacon crispy. I used the bagged bacon pieces (real bacon) for salad. The flavor is pretty good but we didn't like how soft/chewy they are and wished they were crispy. 2. Use real maple syrup rather than maple extract in the glaze. It tasted artificial to us.

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Diana J. November 07, 2015

I'm a real bacon addict, so I was excited to find this bacon-chocolate chip cookie recipe. The cookies came out nice and moist, and the maple glaze was yummy, but the flavor of the bacon with the cookies wasn't as good as I expected. Even though I had blotted the bacon to get out all the extra fat, the cookies still had an oily taste, and after tasting them I guess having bacon mixed with chocolate in cookies isn't my favorite. However, the kids loved them, so I'm giving the recipe 4 stars. Glad I tried them, though.

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TasteTester July 11, 2012
Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies