Bacon Chili Burrito Dogs

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is a "Pink's Famous Chili Dogs" recipe.

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  1. Place all ingredients on a flour tortilla in the order listed.
  2. Begin rolling-up tightly, folding top and bottom in and over the ingredients to form a sealed envelope.
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Never heard of Pink's before but this knife and fork hot dog was very good. Made as written. Thanks Mercy. Bullwinkle.

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This was really good. I made them as best as I could over here, with the ingredients I could find. We don't have premium beef hot dogs, but do have Herta Smoked Frankfurters, which is what I had to use. We don't have American Cheese either, so I used mild cheddar. I used a can of Stagg Beef Chili (low fat). I used streaky bacon and diced oso sweet white onion. My husband and I had this for lunch today and we really enjoyed them. Not ever having had a "Pink's Famous chili dog", I can't really say what the comparison is, but I do know that we enjoyed this very much. I don't even want to think about the calories! Thanks! PS> I doubled the ingredients for the two of us.

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I love Pinks Hot dogs!! DS still lives in CA and loves telling me when they make a trip down to Pinks!! DIL doesn't appreciate them we do LOL Katie