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These are delicious, I have been making them for years. At Christmas, I use scallions & roasted red peppers along with the bacon. I have never tried the parmesan cheese. What no one mentioned is that these freeze beautifully. Make up to instruction #8, put on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet & freeze for 60 minutes and then place in a freezer bag. You then just have to take out as many as you want to bake & follow the remaining instructions, baking from a frozen state & just add a couple of minutes to the baking time. Depending upon whether I am serving these in place of rolls for dinner or as an appetizer, depends on the side I roll from, bigger for dinner rolls and smaller for appetizers. These are always a hit!! Thank you for posting the recipe!

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sandrajsutton January 13, 2009

These are delicious and so simple to put together. I used one of the reviewers comment.s and made these ahead of time and popped into the freezer before baking. I also used scallions and added roasted red pepper to the mixture Five minutes before the baking time was up, I sprinkled with freshly grated Parmesan Cheese and then allowed just to melt over the appetizers. Thanks so much!

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Bev February 02, 2009

As with every recipe, I change for my own taste. I loved that this gave me an idea for a quick snack! I have adapted it with scrambled eggs, onions, and cheese for breakfast. The other day I made it with pesto, goat cheese, and sundried tomatoes! My guest LOVED them! I did sprinkle the pesto one with parm. cheese. I would DEFINITELY make these again. They are so EASY and look and taste impressive! Thanks!

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alaleo January 13, 2009

Very easy to make and they taste great! I will definitely be making these for my next party. I was thinking of making some with spinach instead of bacon for my vegetarian guests and I think they will be great! THANKS

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mystic7376 January 04, 2009

I made these to munch on for watching football. I used the pieces of bacon instead of the bacon bits, as that was what I had on hand. My only complaint was that they were difficult to slice. Next time I will refrigerate a bit and then slice. I think my dough was simply to warm. They tasted wonderful though, so the look of them did not matter so much. Great for a snack or on an appetizer tray. Will do these again for the Super Bowl Party.

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foxysnana January 19, 2009

I make these with one exception. Instead of bacon I mix all ingredients with cooked (crumbled fine) sausage. It's always a hit. I will try it with bacon next time.

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Shirley King January 13, 2009

Daughter# 3 (teenager) made these as her appetizer contribution to our Thanksgiving dinner. She doubled the recipe. For half of these, she used scallions instead of the "regular" onions, neufchatel cheese instead of the full fat, and asiago instead of the parm. She also mixed a little minced parsley into the grated cheese that she sprinkled on the tops, for "the looks". In the second batch she made the same substitutions, plus used bacos (vegetarian baon bits) instead of the real bacon, for her vegetarian sister. They were easy for her to make herself, nice looking and tasty. Thanks, Brandess, for this, daughter # 3's triumph!

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Chef Edlear November 30, 2008

These were a huge hit at Thanksgiving! Everyone was eating them so fast, I was afraid they would be full before the turkey was ready! I doubled the recipe, and used the jumbo sized crossants, so there were only 3 rectangles (next time I'll use the normal size), an 8 oz pkg of cream cheese, a small onion and about 10-12 slices of pepper bacon. I meant to include a couple of diced jalapenos, but forgot to buy them. I just mixed the bacon and onion into the softened cream cheese and spread it over the crossant dough. Super easy to put together, everyone loved them and they were completely gone before dinner was served. My MIL even called me over the weekend to ask for the recipe. I usually try to make fancy appetizers for my special dinners, but I'll be making these again for Christmas for sure. Thank you for posting!

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MarlaM March 21, 2014

These were OK for us. I was the only that liked them. I followed the recipe exactly as written.

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bmcnichol December 02, 2012
Bacon and Cheese Cocktail Swirls