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The beans stayed crisp and the mushrooms tender. I mixed the lemon juice, zest and walnut together while the beans roasted. Loved the flavors. A couple more minutes would have done these nice. I would have like a bit of browning of the beans. Cooking on the top rack in the oven would be the way to go. Thanks for healthy eats!

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Rita~ March 08, 2010

I made this for dinner tonight to go along with fresh asparagus, sweet potatoes, and a large salad. They were wonderful! The beans were still nice and crisp and the addition of lemon juice and thyme really brightened their flavor. I did omit the mushrooms only because of majority rule...2 against 4; and I used cashews in place of walnuts because of a food alergy issue. I will definitely make this recipe again. Thanks for sharing Paula. Made and reviewed for the 40th AUS/NZ Recipe Swap.

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Chef Buggsy Mate May 12, 2010

A tasty, easy to make, green bean side dish. The combination of mushrooms, beans, and walnuts was really good. Toasting the walnuts really brought out the nutty flavor. This recipe would also be good with some crispy crumbled bacon on top but made it exactly as written for RSC #15 contest.

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foodtvfan March 08, 2010

Great recipe and a very flavourful use of the contest ingredients. A few comments about the instructions. My prep time was less than 10 minutes. You should mention that the beans need to be trimmed, and whether they are to be left whole or cut into pieces. It would be much easier to toss the beans, oil and thyme in a bowl, rather than on the baking tray. This dawned on me when I first had the beans spread on the tray, and they only just fit. I moved them to a bowl to add the oil and thyme and that worked so well. And finally, at 450 degrees, my beans were going beyond crisp tender within 12 minutes. But taste-wise, these are five-star beans. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

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Leggy Peggy March 06, 2010

I love just about any veggie roasted, although I'm not sure I wasn't crazy about the mushrooms (and I do like them). This is a simple, flavorful recipe. Put together in minutes. The thyme and lemon give great flavors and the crunch of the walnuts add so much. I didn't toast them in a skillet, I just added them to the roasting pan about 5 minutes before the beans were done and it worked great. The only thing I think that I missed that I think would make a great addition is some garlic. Nice entry for the contest. Good Luck!

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Kelly M. March 06, 2010

Made, photographed and reviewed for RSC #15. Hmmm ... this was a real hard one when it came to star rating! It's not quite a 4, and it's not quite a 3 either -- another 3 1/2. Keeping mind that RSC is a contest of creativity, this recipe is not very imaginative. There are many similar recipes. We enjoyed the dish and liked the tang of the lemon juice and zest. The 1 tblsp olive oil was really not enough for roasting: I used more. A tip: when roasting veggies it is far easier to put them in a bowl, add the oil, and then toss to coat (rather than drizzling over in the pan). The oven timing was fine. However 1/4 cup walnuts was not enough and I used about 1/2 cup. A pleasant side dish, wholly recommended, just not "special" enough to rate higher. Thanks and good luck!

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Zurie March 06, 2010

Great recipe. I used my baking stone. Don't be stingy with the lemon it really brings out the flavor of the beans. The nuts add great crunch to the recipe. Good luck in the contest - This is a winner 5 star

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Bergy March 06, 2010

Green beans are one of my favorite vegetables so I had to make this recipe. I felt it was missing something though - not a whole lot of flavor and I think 1/2 of a lemon was just too much juice for us. I did enjoy the mushrooms and walnuts though. Thanks for sharing!

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Lainey6605 March 06, 2010
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