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After sawing trees all day today, my friend and I wanted a little treat tonight, and these fit the bill, because of its quickness, a little after dinner treat after a long day. Made recipe as posted with pecans for the nuts, and powdered sugar for the sugar. Came up with 20, we each had 3 , and with the rest of the 14, we split them for a treat tommorow. Made for New Zaar.

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weekend cooker June 22, 2011

I made the mistake of thinking this was the classic rum ball recipe from bacardi, IT IS NOT! <br/>This used twice the rum as the classic recipe, when I mixed it up as directed I ended up with gooey paste. (thats when I realized the recipe wasn't the one I had remembered using in the past) I ended up adding extra cookies and nuts to the mix till I had a texture I could roll into balls. It all worked out, thankfully I had the extra ingredients on hand! besides, its hard to go wrong with rum and honey :) so Im happy there was no waste. The adaptions I would recommend are the following, use 1 1/2 cups of cookies, 2 cups of nuts, 1/4 c. rum, 1/4 c. honey. (I also added a dash or orange oil) one last note, Gram crackers make a acceptable substitute if your short on vanilla cookies... and I bet shortbread cookies would be delicious to use also.

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4.1bluerose December 16, 2013
Bacardi Rum Balls