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Outstanding recipe if you like blue cheese. It would be a wonderful appetizer when entertaining. I was trying the recipe out as I was considering it for a dinner party so I cheated a bit and used ready made tart shells.

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Dreamer in Ontario February 24, 2008

Made this for a light dinner for us, it was filling, but very good. The pie crusts were an adventure... my fault though just not good with them. Great recipe we all enjoyed. Made for your football win.

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weekend cooker January 24, 2015

This was really good - even with all the mistakes and changes I made. First I forgot to saute the leeks, then I didn't have the correct amount of blue cheese or milk, plus I forgot to add salt and pepper. (You'd think I didn't read the recipe beforehand!) Even with all that they still turned out a keeper! Also I tried 'cheating' on the crust (I'm notorious at NOT being very good with pie crusts) so I subbed pre-made filo cups. Very small but very tasty! Then I rolled out puff pastry and used that. Not as good as the filo but still very good. The only thing I will do different (other than follow the directions!) next time is to buy one deep dish pie crust and bake this like a quiche. Thanks again.

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Brighid May 06, 2011

An easy and nutritious filling, with a flavor twist. The sauerkraut adds a nice crunchy texture and lightness to the filling (as opposed to a softer quiche with spinach, for example). I only had half the recipe quantity of blue cheese, which was more than enough. I think I would cut it back to a third next time. I just used two whole eggs instead of the extra yolks.

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realbirdlady June 02, 2010
Baby Tarts of Blue Cheese (German and Vegetarian)