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The kids liked it a lot, but it was quite sticky and crumbly and even doubling the chocolate didn't cover the pan all the way to all the edges. More detailed directions would help because I didn't know that I should make the peanut butter mix thoroughly HOT (I only just melted everything and it was setting before I got it into the pan thus the crumbling). Also I didn't know if I should bear down and crush the cornflakes. I didn't and the bars are not holding together well. The kids aren't complaining though! Note for others since pan size isn't given: A double batch fits nicely in a 13x9 pan.

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3KillerBs February 11, 2008

These were quite good, though a bit sweet. Not so sure they taste like Baby Ruth, but were good. I used a 7x9 pan, microwaved step one 45 seconds and step three 90 seconds (stirring every 30). That also accounts for the fact that I doubled the ingredients for step three based on another review. Glad I did or there would not have been enough choclate. Very tasty!

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JenniferK2 November 16, 2007

These are my all-time favorite candy bars! I always buy a huge amount when I go back to the States to hoard for those times at home when I need it most. You can buy them here, but at 4 times the price! I've tried making these before, but they don't come that close to the real thing. I've never tried them with cornflakes before, only with Rice Krispies. These are close, but not quite the real thing. As a stand-alone treat, they're lovely, unless you are comparing them to the actually Baby Ruth bars. One day I'll find the magic recipe! Thanks for getting me close!

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Mirj October 07, 2007

I so wanted to love these, and while they are good, I had some trouble with the recipe. It would help to have times on the microwaving and also on what size pan to use. Here's what I did: Step one I used 30 seconds. Step three I used about 45 seconds. I used a small rectangular pan, and maybe this was too large? There wasn't near enuff chocolate topping to go over the mix. But I loved the flavor of the crunchy part!!!

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Charmie777 September 14, 2007
Baby Ruth Copycat Bars