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My daughter and I made these together. We had such a good time and she absolutly loved them and wants to make them again as soon as the first batch is gone which I am afraid will be very very soon now. I am thinking that maybe next time, I might add a thin layer of melted and cooled chocolate on top or dip them in melted chocolate after cutting and allowing the chocolate to set. I am also considering adding a layer of caramel before the chocolate coating. These are going to be fun to play with.

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Karen From Colorado January 04, 2002

Great recipe! I added this into my holiday goodie basket and this was by far everyone's (including mine) favorite! After pressing the mixture into the pan I melted some caramel and drizzled over the top. Hmmmm! It was absolutley wonderful! Thank you for the great recipe!

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HeliWif December 20, 2002

Divine. I took Karen's suggestions and added melted caramels and chocolate to the top of this. There's nothing better than crunchy, chewy, gooey and chocolate, all rolled into one! I used a Chex style cereal instead of flakes, since it's what I had on hand. This is going into my personal Favorite Recipes book!

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Claire de Luna November 03, 2002

These were a big hit at a party I took them to. I topped them with the remainder of the chocolate chips, melted. The thin layer was just enough. Helpful hint: use a wooden spoon for stirring because the mixture gets too thick for a plastic one, and make sure to have a strong, sharp knife on hand to cut them with.

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Beandippy July 26, 2003

sally adds 3 tablespoons each of peanut butter and butter in tooping

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Dienia B. February 21, 2010

We found this a very good recipe. We did vary slightly; We used a double boiler and it worked very well. I used Jif creamy peanut butter. The first batch was good but a little hard to spread. We added 1 Tbs salted butter to the second batch right before adding the cornflakes,chocolate chips and the peanuts. We also chopped the peanuts very coarsely for the second batch. This allowed the peanuts to be more evenly incorporated. My son and I both agree that next time we'll try using Jif Extra Crunchy and eliminate the extra peanuts just to see how that works! As a single father I was very pleased to find this recipe so easy that my 15 years old son and I could make some candy for Christmas together. Thank you

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Diamond D January 07, 2009

I make candy for Christmas for about two weeks and love the no bake recipes. I saw this one and had to try it. I had to laugh while making it because I noticed mine getting way too thick right off the bat and remembered the lower rating against all the other good reviews. I removed it from heat and started with another pan, but added 2 tablespoons of butter first and then mixed what I had started into the new pan.I think I might know what happened to their batch. I know there is a big difference in peanut butter and this needs the really moist type. If your peanut butter is somewhat dry, melt one or two tablespoons of butter in pan before starting. Don't let the mixture come to a boil, just heat until melted,but remember this mixture will be thick. I used 3/4 white and 1/4 cups of dark syrup. I added 1 1/2 cups of salted peanuts. With buttered hands I pressed the top down. I then melted chocolate bark and frosted the top of the 9 x 13. I let the chocolate set then cut into bars. I sent this to work with my husband and the phone rang off the hook all morning with people wanting the recipe. This is also my new personal favorite of all the candy I make. Totally awesome recipe Mirj...Thanks soooo much for sharing!!!

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Country Cook in Oklahoma December 12, 2006

I feel like a traitor with all these good reviews and mine is just the opposite. Made just as written. Did not find them to tast remotely like Baby Ruth. Mix was VERY stiff and hard to mix. broke a wooden spoon in the process. Even DH thought they were bad, and he likes everything. Sorry but I give this one a low one star.

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just peachy June 29, 2005

So sinfully tasty and ridiculously easy! I was unsure about the corn flakes but they work perfectly when mixed with everything else. I think the peanut butter mixture was ready to go in 1-2 minutes, if that. I took this to a potluck and all enjoyed it. This is not for the dieters so it is perfect for a potluck where everyone will help you eat it! I used cooking spray on the baking dish. Thanks.

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Ducky August 07, 2004
Baby Ruth Bars (No Bake)