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Total Time
1hr 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 1 hr

Ready, Set Cook! Reynolds Wrap Contest Entry. This recipe is great for anyone with teenagers that are always on the go. I prepare these on busy weekdays so that as the kids come in they can grab a quick dinner and run. These are easy to prepare, easy cleanup just crumble the foil and toss, or wrap up leftovers for later. Not to mention they taste great!

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Mix first 7 ingredients well.
  2. Divide mixture into 6-8 meat balls (6 for adults ).
  3. Place each meat ball into an 8x10 sheet of Reynolds Wrap Foil arrange 2 baby carrots and 1 half of a red potato around meat balls, top meatloaf with a drizzle of ketchup and wrap tightly.
  4. Place wraps side by side in a large baking pan and place in 350 oven.
  5. Cook for 1 hr 30 minutes or till done.
  6. let sit for a 5 minutes and serve warm.