Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 mins

My baby son will eat ANYTHING with this blueberry cream on top. From 4 months.

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  1. Put cold water, sugar and cornstarch in a saucepan, and bring to a boil moving constantly, until the thing thickens and becomes transparent.
  2. Add berries and cook 3-5 minutes, moving constantly.
  3. Taste: you may want to add some more sugar if the berries are very sour, but the cream shouldn´t be too sweet.
  4. Mix in a blender.
  5. Once cold, pour cream in ice cubes trays and freeze.
  6. 4 to 6 little cubes, unfrozen, are a serving for a baby.
  7. 2 unfrozen cubes can be added to the porridge, or mixed with another fruit puree.
  8. To remove blueberry stains from baby clothes, your clothes, the kitchen curtains, etc: soak in soapy water; the stains will disappear after a couple of hours.


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Oh my! As a pediatrician, I would say please, please don't add sugar to a young baby's food! Pureeing the fruit (usually after cooking in a little bit of water) then adding a little bit of the cooking water, formula or breast milk is all that is needed. But homemade baby foods are a lot of fun and so easy to do!

StacyMD187373 December 22, 2011

This looks like a lot of sugar for so small a person to me..

ange du soleil August 17, 2009

I must agree with the pediatrician and the other reviewer who did not like the idea of refined sugar for a baby. I don't mean to preach (though I suppose I am)---but in our society, children will face plenty of challenges to stay trim and fit, without creating a craving for sugar so early on. Obesity has become a byword of our culture, and it's starting earlier and earlier. And then, the tooth-decay factor! There's absolutely no nutritional reason to add refined sugar, and so many other ways to get a sweet taste. Fresh fruit? No substitute!

La Dilettante May 01, 2014

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