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I'd be leaving out the almonds, as I have a nephew that is extremely allergic to Almonds.

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Evelyn L Jepson March 14, 2015

A foolproof recipe! I only made a half recipe and adjusted it to make in a bread machine: that worked well. My mistake was using just 1 babka tube pan, 8" in diameter; there was actually enough dough for 2! It rose really high, was very light and airy. I think it could be a little sweeter but I didn't use the powdered sugar on top; that would help. A glaze would be good too. Also I used vanilla, almond flavoring and a little rum instead of grated rind; I was looking for the flavor that my Polish Mom's babka had. Instead of sprinkling the pan with breadcrumbs, I used sliced almonds. Certainly a keeper. Thanks, Lorac, I will make it again. . . . Janet

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Jezski February 16, 2012

This is the same recipe that has been passed down for at least 3 generations in my family. Every Easter, this bread would be on the table awaiting the blessing from the neighborhood priest. Even today, it's not Easter without a breakfast of hard boiled eggs, kielbasa, and babka.

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OddSpirit April 03, 2010

This was so much fun to make, and very very very delicious. I only made half a recipe and I baked it in a 1.5 Liter Pyrex bowl for 30 minutes. I am sure a traditional loaf pan would also be fine, I just thought a round loaf would be more attractive. I did also make your Lucre. The Polish bakery in town here covers its babka with a liberal coating of powdered sugar, so I dusted a little of that on as well. We loved the citrus flavor, the almonds... Everything. I would not change a thing. I am not Polish but I live in a tiny town that was settled by Polish immigrants. Even today it is so steeped in heritage that I have become very interested in Polish tradition, including cooking. Thank you for posting this so I could learn a little more. I will make this again soon!

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Vino Girl March 26, 2005