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These were very tasty (well the beef at least, because that's the only one I did). Even tasty cold. The only problem I have is with the amounts. There are dry ingredients in liquid measurements. It would be really handy if stormylee would revise the recipe to state amounts in cups just to make it easier. For instance 1000ml of flour, is infact 4 1/2 cups. I took a gamble at the 20 grams of yeast, to be 1 tbsp (although it probably should have been more). Other than that, they are easy to do, not too time consuming and tasty treats for lunch at work. I have just made these a second time. Again, tasty and pretty simple. I love the dough, it would be great for pizza. I also thought this would be tasty for a change to try adding cheddar cheese before baking. Might taste good. Also both DH and I feel that a dip would make a nice addition. We tried a few things and found a dill dip to be the best so far. We're gonna keep working on it. Have just made this for a 3rd time and while we didn't do any sauce with it this time I made it with puff pastry. Definately better and faster.

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saylaveev November 17, 2008

We loved these and both versions recieved 5 stars from one of us. I did take a shortcut and use frozen bread dough instead of making the recipe here. I made both fillings. DH prefered the ground beef. I prefered the cheese. Both were very good! I froze half of these unbaked and am hoping that on thawing & rising they will work for a busy night. Thank you for sharing your recipe! This one is a keeper!

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Susie D June 21, 2006
Börek – Turkish Pasties