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I was excited to try these because of all the 5-star reviews they were getting. I don't disagree that they have decent flavor, but I do not agree that they are the absolute best peanut butter cookies I have ever tasted. I actually struggled with them burning in the oven and had to watch them constantly - checking them about every 2 minutes. One suggestion after you do take them out of the oven is to for sure leave them sit on the pan for approximately 1 minute before transferring them off the pan to avoid them breaking apart. For sure a decent cookie worth making if you are hungry for peanut butter cookies, but nothing to be overly excited about in my opinion.

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Michelle R. September 09, 2016

Barbara these pb cookies are so delicious! I had to make them to add to my cookie tins and chose this recipe as they looked just like the ones I used to make. I think it's the same recipe! They will be eaten and enjoyed this holiday season, you can bet on it!

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BettyBoopers December 22, 2008
B B's Peanut Butter Cookies