Awesome Turkey Burgers

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Total Time
10 mins
6 mins

I got this from my friend Angi who is an excellent cook. I made these for dinner the other night and we loved them. It was our first time using ground turkey. I made fresh bread crumbs from sourdough bread for this. Note: I cooked these on an indoor griddle at 350*. Cook time is a guess because I didn't watch the clock.

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  1. Combine egg, onion, oil, bread crumbs, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, and seasonings in a large bowl. Add ground turkey and mix well. Make into patties and refrigerate at least 20 minutes before frying or grilling. Cook until done and serve with your favorite burger toppings and condiments. We did the works -- lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, relish, catsup, and mayo. Serve with french fries or potato chips.
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how much turkey?? not listed