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We all really liked this recipe. I will make these meatballs again for sure. I was planning ot freeze half of them, but they got eaten up before I got the chance. Thanks

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Alana Mae Cooking January 13, 2009

I made these for our Valentines Day dinner this year (apologies for late review) and we ate them with You Won't Be Single for Long Vodka Cream Pasta. Wow, this recipe made a serious ton of meatballs! I got to 48 and still had so much meat in the bowl. Grabbed another baking sheet and continued. And then another. I think the final count was about 70 meatballs. It was meatball-nanza!! Luckily they were tasty, and we had a nice meal on them. I tucked several dozen into the freezer as well. I've been baking my meatballs for years, rather than browning them in a frying pan. The pan method has always yielded more of a meat cube, with tough sides, while the baked meatballs come out round as well as more tender.

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ReeLani May 16, 2007
Awesome Meatballs