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I used your method of grilling for my pizza...it's great! Flipping it over really makes a difference. Thanks for the great idea!

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jrusk March 14, 2009

I LOVE this recipe and have made it 3 times so far. It is so interesting to make! The first time I didn't notice the part in the dir. that says you may not need all the water, and my dough really was difficult to work with (sticky!). I just kept adding more flour. Despite this the pizza was superb and I was motivated to watch the video by Amer. Test Kitchen (to perfect my technique) and I then realized how I had added too much water. Their dough was really pliable and thick. After that I watched my water amount and had much better luck. I don't really find the recipe difficult but there is a lot of last min. scrambling in the cooking part! We absolutely find the results worth it. I recently used some garlic dipping oil and used that in place of the oil mixture and it tasted the same (when I made the oil I had enough leftover to use a second time). I've used all different tomatoes: grape, all-purpose, Italian, and they all worked out great. The fontina cheese adds a better texture than mozz. You can buy a big wedge at Costco for about $8. I do recommend parchment paper (floured) which I found next to Saran Wrap. We prefer to roll the dough thicker than the recipe calls for. Thanks Kiwiwife, for posting such a neat recipe. Roxygirl

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Roxygirl in Colorado September 18, 2008

This was my second attempt at a grilled pizza, and this one turned out wonderfully just as predicted! I have a gas grill and cooked 2 at a time--had the heat too high and burned the first 2 a bit. I used fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden, and mozarella and parmesan cheese. I sprayed the crusts with cooking spray to keep them from sticking; next time I'll just brush them wih the olive oil mix since I had plenty. So much faster than a traditional pizza (only about 4 minutes total cooking time for each twosome) and the kitchen stayed cool! I will be making these little gems a lot! Thank you for the inspiration.

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dlrossmo July 23, 2008

I made this recipe for PAC Fall 07. 5 stars definitely. This was my first time making pizza crust from scratch and it came out great. For my pizza I followed the recipe as written and for DD's pizza I used her favourite toppings. I also cheated a bit and used drained, canned diced tomatoes. It would probably be even better with fresh tomatoes. I cooked it on an indoor grill. Thanks so much for posting.

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Dreamer in Ontario October 14, 2007

I agree -- I have made this several times and this is awesome! The smoky flavor can't be beat, IMHO. I found what really works is -- thin dough, really thin; hot grill! I use a gas grill and it's fine. I didn't do their toppings -- I used drained diced canned tomatoes. I've even used a boughten pizza sauce -- spread very thinly, of course! I usually need more flour so the dough isn't too runny. Give the dough time to relax while rolling out. Roll out all the dough rounds and cover. I put the dough on the bottom of a well-floured cookie sheet and just slide it onto the grill. Put all your prepared toppings on a tray by the grill and have some space to put the pizzas while you top them. Once you start cooking, it's fast. Fresh basil is SO worth it! This is a great treat! Thanks, Kiwiwife!

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Clare Bear May 23, 2007
Awesome Grilled Pizza