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i tried this recipe but with a strawberry and rasberry filling, it was great. my boyfriend is coeliac and he misses cakes and pastries so much, this made his day, everyone who tried it enjoyed it and i even made gluten free jam tarts with the pastry that was left over!..... couldnt help notice that you missed out the xanthan gum on your pastry directions, but included it in ingrediants, great recipe tho and will def use again thanx!!!!

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maria_raverbaby June 20, 2009

This pie did not turn out that great for me. I do, however, think it is worth trying with some tweaking. I used King Arthur All Purpose Gluten Free Flour.

The crust is a great basic recipe. It tasted more like shortbread. I had to add some cream to it, because I could not roll it out - it just crumbled. Next time, I would bake the crust until it was slightly golden before I add the filling. The crust just kind of melded with the filling and it got lost in the pie. There was no juxtaposition of textures (crust vs. pie filling). I took the left over crust and made little pies with jam. They were a huge hit.

I cooked the pie the recommended time and the apples were too crisp. I did cut them very thin. Next time, I will cook the pie longer.

The topping was ok. It hardened during the cooking process (the sugar melting) and was not a crumb topping. It was a crisp sugar topping. Next time I will use nuts or rolled oats or something to get a more traditional crumb texture.

Overall, I think this recipe has good bones, it just needs some finessing.

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Mrs.Groovy January 02, 2013

I agree with Mrs. Groovy. The crust was dry and crumbly, couldn't roll it out without crumbling, so I added some cold water. I used only 5 large Cortland and it was heaped very high. I had it in the oven for an hour and 10 min before the apples started getting soft. Obviously the heaped apples accounted for this. I was not surprised it would be more than 35 min. bake time. I placed some foil on the top of the crumb so it would not burn. Overall tasted good but not a very juicy pie, kinda dry. For the topping some pecans would have been better. The topping was more crunchy than crumbly.

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ltilson71 October 08, 2015

Question: when you say cover edges with foil, do you mean cover the whole pie with foil or how to you just cover edges?

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joanna_cockrell October 07, 2015

This pie was delicious and easy to make! I added some rolled oats and pecans to the topping to make it more crumply. I also let the pie bake for 15 additional minutes. Thank you for the great recipe!

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cassandramarie117 September 27, 2015

Very good pie! I actually made my own crust with my own flour blend, but other than that, I stayed pretty close to the recipe. I had to bake the pie about 15 minutes longer until the apples were tender. It was getting a little too brown on top, so I covered the whole pie with aluminum foil those extra 15 minutes. It was also a bit soupy, but I always have that problem with my apple pies. However, the pie came out delicious! It's the best heated up with vanilla ice cream!

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Delicious as it Looks April 21, 2014

This recipe is fantastic! I highly recommend it. Can be used for the basis of any tart, fruit pie, and if you forgo the pie base, place the prepared fruit mix in a pyrex baking dish, place the crumble topping on top as suggested, it's a great apple crumble too. Can be frozen and reheats well (although moister if done in the microwave rather than fresh out of the oven). The pie is a wonderful Thanksgiving treat that I tried for the first time in 2012, and as a crumble is a household favourite. - Happy Baking!

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Spencer-Morgan March 25, 2013

This pie is amazing, even for people who aren't sensitive to gluten.It is important to knead in a little extra flour-I skipped that step once, and my crust was too soft. I've used the crust to make other pies and it always comes out well.it has a flavor similar to shortbread, and goes especially well with berries and pecans.

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sherai April 21, 2011

Great recipe. Although, 7 apples was way to much, even for a deep dish pie crust and plenty of "heaping".

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AllergyGirl November 26, 2010

This pie is just as the name says, AWESOME! I made it for my mom who has recently been diagnosed with Celiac, but everyone else ate it too. I even got rave reviews before anyone knew it was Gluten Free. I am definitely keeping this recipe on hand. The pie crust is the best GF I have ever used and will probably incorporate it into other recipes.

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guinness21 November 29, 2009
Awesome Gluten Free Apple Pie With Crumble Topping