Award Winning Zucchini Soup

Total Time
2hrs 30mins
30 mins
2 hrs

This is a family tradition when the zucchinis are ready. This soup has won first prize in our local county fair. It's not to strongly zucchini flavored, and has a fabulous italian flavor. I have NEVER found anyone who dislikes this soup, try it you'll see!!

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  1. Fry sausage in a soup pan, drain
  2. Add all other ingerdients except water.
  3. Add water in a cup at a time, I add 2 cups, then if after cooking the soup looks a bit thick, I add more.
  4. Reduce heat and allow the soup to simmer 2-3 hours, or until the zucchini is tender and transparent.
  5. Serve with a yummy crusty Italian bread, or garlic bread!