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Yummmmmmm! This is the second time I've made butter tarts, but the first with this recipe. I baked them for 15 minutes, and the result was a sweet, buttery, gooey tart that was so rich, I had stuff dribblin' off my chin as I ate one. (That's half the fun!) Lennie, thanks for sharing these Canadian treats with us poor deprived Americans! We missed soooo much when we were youngsters! :o)

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Terri F. May 29, 2006

Im from Orillia Ont. and Yes these are the best Butter Tarts evr made!!! I go to the Bakery on Mississauga street about once a month to buy them for my father in law and Chiropractor.Dad rates everyones butter tarts onascale of 1- 10 and Wilkies gets a 10! EVERY TIME!!!! I, his favorite daughter-in- law USED to get only a 7-1/2, for mine but now that I see the "secret" recipe here I will soon be getting a '#10' for mine...........I dare him to tell me different!! Bonnie Lacey

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LaceyLady July 17, 2002

These are so very tasty! I cooked mine for 15 minutes - I too like them runny! I also used Golden Raisins for mine and added some toasted pecans to half of the tarts. As a side note - I used pre-made butter tart shells (Tenderflake) and they turned out great!! A little tip to help some of you save time. Thanks for posting this Lennie!

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Graybert May 27, 2002

I made these just for fun today--I bought these really cute little tart pans and I was looking for a way to use them! Lennie, these were great! I just ate a hot one right from the oven. I'd never even heard of butter tarts before, but this was certainly an auspicious introduction!! Thanks!! (I made these with PetitFour's Tart Dough (Sweet) #27695--also heavenly!) Just an update-- I made these again (actually two more times) but last time I didn't have any raisins, so I just left them out. They were wonderful that way, too...although I don't know if they would still be very "Canadian" then? Anyway, just wanted to post that variation!

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spatchcock August 23, 2002

Thank you Lennie for this great recipe. My hubby loves butter tarts, but all the recipes I've used have been more firm tarts, and he likes them runny! I made these today, and I added a few broken walnuts to the raisins! They were awesome! Just the way he likes them. This will be my butter tart recipe from now on

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BrendaM February 23, 2003

I will only say this once and if asked I will deny it. These are the best - better than my Mom and both my Grandma's. Now to put some sort of guard dog on them so my boyfriend doesn't eat them all before I need them this weekend.

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Cadillacgirl December 18, 2009

These are the best! I did a butter tart bake off to find the best recipe, these were the winner. I have a chocolate & baking business and my customers can't get enough of these. Perfect taste and texture, not too firm or too gooey, just right, 14 minutes in my oven.

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the4taals December 16, 2009

Very addictive! Our Girl Scout troop represented Canada in an event and we made 200 butter tarts to hand out. One member's father is from Canada and didn't realize butter tarts are not common in the US. I also noted when we visited Walt Disney World last fall during the International Food and Wine Festival that Canada's food was Beaver Tails (like US elephant ears). I told them I thought butter tarts seemed more uniquely Canadian, and they seemed surprised. As you can tell, I'm definitely sold on these tasty little gems!

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2bizzy March 20, 2004

Super delicious! Daughter made these and added a little toasted pecans on the top. welll....you think you are biting into a pecan tart and then there is the surprise...the raisins!!!! By the way, she used the "Raisin Medley' available at Trader Joes. We really like the combo they have; seedless golden light raisins, flame rasins and jumbo all in one bag! Also, a tip to plump the raisins if you do not have time to wait; put them in water in the micro (she did a minute and 20 seconds ) and they plumped up beautifully! thanks again, Lenny, to one of our favorite contributors(you!) We consistenly make many of your recipes!

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Panino August 21, 2003

Thank you for a wonderful recipe! These are the BEST! I'm not a pie, or tart maker because I never thought I was good at making homemade pie dough, but tonight I made the Tenderflake recipe that is on the box, and then followed your Butter Tart recipe to a T. Awesome!! Even the pastry dough was perfect ;o)) I used a flattened cupcake paper to trace the circles for a perfect fit!

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MRM December 15, 2011
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