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Excellent cobbler, good flavor! Now saying this, I added more soda.This was after it had cooked in the oven for 35 minutes covered. I followed the recipe exactly, using home canned peach halves that had cinnamon sticks. I used most of the juice and 8 oz. of orange soda,(I didn't have cream soda) and when I took the cover off, the top of the cobbler (cake mix was clumpy and dry) in about four places, so I drizzled the balance of soda over the top that was dry. Since it was hot it spread out over the dry parts and what a difference it made! I then cooked it 15 to 20 minutes more Uncovered! Let it cool at least 15 minutes so the juice will thicken up. My family could not wait and ate it hot with ice cream. They said it had wonderful flavor and I agree. I will try the cream soda next time and I definitly will make again. I will wait until it has cooked for 35 minutes again to drizzle the extra soda. It made the topping just right. Thanks for posting!

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Montana Heart Song September 20, 2008

This sound so good. I wonder if you can do this in a conventional oven?

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shawneebookworm August 21, 2008
Award-Winning 9-Finger Peach Cobbler