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I selected this recipe for my sushi loving 12yr old daughter to make as the instructions were so detailed and so clear. This was her first attempt at making her own sushi and she triumphed. She was so proud of herself and will be making them again this week to take to school for her sushi loving and not so familiar sushi eating friends. Thanks for a great recipe and thanks for boosting the confidence of my learner cook. Megan made these as per the recipe and also a version with avocado and prawns. EXCELLENCE!!!!

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An_Net March 28, 2008

Our first attempt at making sushi rolls and the directions were very easy to follow! We are so thrilled with this recipe! I was worried about the rice being too sweet, but once rolled in the nori the sweet taste is not overpowering. Definitely a recipe we will be coming back to. Thank you!!

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ColtonKyliesMum January 24, 2015

These were delicious. My husband, 12 year old and 9 year old all loved these sushi rolls. The addition of a little vegan mayo and lemon really makes a difference. I added paper thin slices of lemon on top of some of my rolls and my family ate all of those first and then wanted lemon slices for the ones I did not top with lemon. For my non vegan family members, I sprinkled some canned wild alaskan salmon in a couple of the rolls.

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ALBslc4 September 19, 2011

I love sushi but my DH was unfamiliar with it , He loved this served by Bergy and has asked me to make it again. He thought it was wonderful and I did too; I have only made sushi once, not the rolled kind, I will be trying this one. I'm looking forward to trying using your lovely clear instructions!! thanks for posting.

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Derf May 31, 2007

I am afraid that my version took your recipe away from the vegetatian categoty. However your instructions are so well written and clear I wanted to give your recipe some exposure. I had the rice on the outside of the sushi roll - I wasn't sure that one person that I was serving it to would enjoy Nori so by placing it on top of the Patted down rice it cut back on the amount used. I had a filling of Avocado & artificial crab. rolled up. Then cut into 1" pieces= topped with just a smidge of Wasabi & pickled ginger

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Bergy May 30, 2007

This recipe is great - instructions are clear and easy to follow. We made the Vegetable rolls, using carrot, cucumber, red bell pepper (all combinations of those three ingredients). DH and I ate half last night, the rest are for lunch today and a snack tonight. DH just needs to get the hang of the rolling and we are unstoppable sushi makers! LOL Thanks for the great recipe (cannot wait to try the avocado one).

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Steph_40135 September 25, 2006

Tasty! I'll have to practice my rolling, but this was excellent. Now that I know how to make a basic vegan roll, I'll have to experiment. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Vegan Courtney February 15, 2006
Avocado & Vegetable Sushi (Gluten-Free & Vegan)