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very nice sandwich. My sister always eats mayo and avocado sandwiches. So this is kicked up a notch with the SS and Cucumbers. Made for ZWT 6 for Looney Spoon Phoodies.

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Jamilahs_Kitchen June 21, 2010

Fresh taste, easy lunch with lots of flavor, served with Lavender Blue tea and had a fantastic break in my day!!! ZWT6 thank you for posting!!

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Thymestudio June 18, 2010

Made for ZWT-8 because we are smoked salmon lovers & I was intrigued w/the combo of flavours. I love being able to show my Icelandic friends new & diff ways to satisfy their passion for smoked salmon & this is clearly 1 of the easiest I've found. It's also 1 of the tastiest. I'm not sure why the combo of avocado & smoked salmon surprised me so, but it did. Other than using lemon pepper vs cracked black pepper, these sammies were made as written. Thin slicing is key here & I admit to getting "off target" w/the prep of the avocado - it was ripe & sliced too thickly by me. I tried to fix that & ended up w/a pile of avocado pulp, so I took it all the way & made a spread to use. DH is gone right now, but this lovely treat awaits his return today & he'll be pleased. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us

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twissis August 19, 2012
Avocado Tea Sandwiches