Avocado Rolls With Cream Cheese

Total Time
Prep 8 mins
Cook 2 mins

This is a simple recipe that's sure to please. The only caution I would give is to not let the rolls sit out too long.

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  1. Half and remove the skin of the Avocado. Cube the Avocado and Cream Cheese into 1/2-inch to 1-inch squares (it doesn't have to be perfect). Divide all ingredients equally onto the 3 Egg Roll Wrappers.
  2. Roll them up and deep fry until golden. You can use a narrow pan, and have the oil deep enough to reach half the height of a roll, making sure to turn the rolls over to fry each side.
  3. Makes 3 whole rolls. Cut them diagonally to make 6 half rolls. The deeper the cut, the prettier your finished dish!
  4. Serve with the Sweet Thai Chili Sauce as a dip.


Most Helpful

Love the warm avocado and soft, melty cream cheese filling! The sun dried tomato adds a nice contrast. I didn't deep fry but pan fried, turning occasionally. Instead of the Thai sauce I mixed soy sauce, sambal oelek, and scallions.<br/>Will be making these again soon- maybe try to fit in more filling into each roll, though it's hard to seal if too full. I need to work on that.

yogi July 25, 2013

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