Total Time
1hr 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 1 hr

I love cucumbers! And I love avocados! And I love salad dressings. A perfect cool combination that requires very little work. Great for dipping pita, cucumbers, spread on flatbread instead of mayo for something different. I love the use of green onions here.

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  1. Process all ingredients together in a blender.
  2. Keep refrigerated in a airtight container for one day.
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I've always adored avocados, and I love all the ingredients here, so my expectations of loving this recipe were indeed very high. With this combination of ingredients, Andi has created a wonderfully, dreamily creamy and exquisite blend of flavours... WOW! I could eat this every day. For me, honey was the real surprise ingredient. I'd never have thought to add that here. After eating this, it seemed like such an obvious - indeed such an essential - ingredient. Thank you so much, Andi, for elevating some of my favourite ingredients to dizzying new heights of absolute scrumptiousness. I'm now impatient to share this recipe with friends and family and shall be looking for occasions to do so, but meanwhile I'll be making it for us to enjoy - on salads, on sandwiches, mashed in with potatoes! So many ways this could be used. Made for the Went to the market tag game.

bluemoon downunder September 12, 2008

It's 102 degrees outside so I decided to give this cooling, creamy dressing a try. Boy am I glad I did. I love avocado and that is the predominant flavor and it also lends its creamy texture to this delicious dressing. I used one of the 3 lemons that was hanging off of my little tree and I can't think of a better way I could have used it. I opted to use a bit of the honey and a slightly less amount of the dill. I can't wait to share this one with the rest of the avocado lovers in my family and I won't wait for another 100 degree + weather day to do it. Thank you Andi!

cookiedog July 08, 2008

I agree with blue moon dowunder-the honey was a real surprise ingredient and greatly appreciated. I added a little bit of buttermilk to thin the dressing to my preference. Served over simple greens with cucumbers, shaved carrot and dried tart cherries. Made for Veg Tag/January.

COOKGIRl January 24, 2013