Avocado Dessert - Sri Lanka

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

This recipe is being posted for ZWT II & my source is asianonlinerecipes.com. Since I have a special fondness for Tex-Mex fare, I'm no stranger to using avocado & this is amazingly simple. I must admit I've never made an avocado dessert & didn't even know you could. (Stated time does not include chilling time)

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  1. Cut avocados in half lengthways. Remove seeds & reserve them. Scoop pulp from shells & mash smoothly w/a fork. Discard shells.
  2. Add sugar to taste & stir in the cream.
  3. Put in serving bowl, return seeds to the pulp, cover tightly w/plastic wrap & chill before serving. NOTE: The presence of the seeds in the puree is said to keep the avocado from discoloring, but the plastic wrap is always used as well.
  4. To Serve: If desired, extra whipped & sweetened cream can be piped over the top of the dessert. While many favor adding rum for flavor, the delicate avocado flavor may be allowed to stand alone -- or -- the mixture can be divided & served both ways.
  5. Personal Note: I would reserve the avocado shells & use them to serve this dessert.
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Love it! My boyfriend (from Sri Lanka) said this taste like what they get back home, except they use lots of sugar and powder milk instead of cream. I didn't use a lot sugar. Instead I used some honey and coconut rum to bring the flavor out.

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I truly enjoyed this. I garnished it with a little vanilla fairy floss, and put a tad of rum in it. I did cut down on the cream though.

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Very delicate taste. I think the rum (or even a touch of vanilla extract) might be a good addition as I found this pretty cream in need of some 'punch', or maybe a little spice.