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I lightened it up quite a bit. I used egg whites and super thin slices of sourdough for the cristo part. I used stevia instead of sugar and heirloom tomato instead of the cherry tomatoes in the jam. I am out of cilantro but that would have been AMAZING. I love it. I just reduced the balsamic vinegar with the tomatoes to save on calories. The glaze would have been really pretty, I just didn't want to dirty up more pans. To lighten it up further, I used barely any cheese and 1/8 of an avocado. DELICIOUS!!! I took a lot of liberties but holy moly is this so good. The flavor combo is out of this world.

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College Girl August 09, 2011

Yum! The avocado cristo was good, but with the addition of the cherry tomato jam and the balsamic reduction, it reached new heights! Sprinkled with cilantro and lemon juice, I was in heaven! Thanks so much for posting!

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Sharon123 February 01, 2005
Avocado Cristo With Cherry Tomato Jam and Balsamic Reduction