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This cake really didn't do it for me. First, there is a tremendous amount of ricotta cheese in a recipe that doesn't really make a cheesecake. I also don't know why the recipe calls for marble cake mix. I didn't know what to do with the cocoa packet. I tossed it in with the rest of the cake mix. I think that was a mistake. Between the chocolate in the cake mix, the carrots, the butterscotch chips and the almond extract, there were too many conflicting flavors in the cake, and they did not go well together. Also, with the sugar that's already in the cake mix, the sugar in the butterscotch chips and an additional cup of sugar, that's A LOT of sugar. Then there's almost 5 cups of sugar in the frosting. I just found the cake too sweet for us. At 350 degrees for well over an hour (it took about 1 1/2 hours till the skewer came out clean), the high temp caused the ricotta in the cake to crack the top, like a cheesecake, but the frosting could cover that up. If using the full two cups of ricotta I should have baked the cake at a lower temp for longer. I would definitely try it again, but leave out the carrots and cut back to maybe one cup of ricotta cheese. I would also cut back on the sugar, and probably just dust the cake with some powdered sugar instead of frosting it. This cake has a lot of potential.

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Mirj July 11, 2003

very rich and yummy, a nice twist from the usual carrot cakes

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Treenickel July 11, 2003
Avalanche Cake