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Lovely flavor and attractive. Healthy recipe with a favorite assortment of vegetables. I added two pieces of cooked potato for the last 1/2 hour and then fork mashed them with the sauce before serving. I didn't add any cornstarch. Next time I will cut the veggies in larger pieces as they were a bit oiver cooked but still very tasty

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Bergy August 13, 2011

A wholesome combination of winter vegetables in a rich sauce thickened with the savory leeks and tart cranberries. I made a half batch as directed, adding a minced clove of garlic. At the end I found the sauce quite thick and did not thicken it further with the cornstarch. Enjoyed this but thought it would have been enhanced with additional aromatics, more garlic or extra thyme added at the end. The flavors were good but needed a little more zip. My other idea was to have used apple juice in lieu of part of the broth. (For WW folks, this is 3 points per serving and Core w/o the cornstarch.)

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justcallmetoni November 05, 2008

Nice basic chicken dish. I did cut the vegetables larger than the recipe called for and thickened the broth in another pan which only took a few minutes to thicken. Good luck in the contest.

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PaulaG November 03, 2008

Delish! Comfort food! I adore parsnips and carrot and butternut so how can I not make this? Be sure to wash the leeks well for you don`t want to crunch down on sand! I loved the cranberries in this. I used frozen berries and they worked great. I also used a mix of fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary and oregano). I big mistake was not to run to the store for the thighs! I used 4 chicken breast, which did dry out. I know better but wanted this made before I went to work so....... I served over a rice and barley mixture. Very good!

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Rita~ November 03, 2008

Well written recipe, easy to put together. I served it over brown rice, turned out delicious and I would make it again, thanks for posting. Rreally loved the touch of cranberries in it; next time I would add a few more, very pleasant addition to the other veggies. The only negative comment I have is that it would never feed 4 people but was just right for the two of us. (1 only chicken thigh per person!!! not likely!!) I am giving the 5 stars anyway because it was very flavourful with a great combination of veggies and we loved the thyme.

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Derf November 03, 2008

I thought that this was a lovely stew, tasty, quick and easy. It tasted as good as it smelled while cooking. We loved the flavor that all the vegetables created after blending with the cranberries and chicken. I removed the chicken before serving to debone and then added the chicken back into the crockpot. Congratulations on this wonderful entry.

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Baby Kato November 03, 2008

The intro to this recipe really drew me in. Very inviting. =) I couldn't find fresh thyme so had to use dried. I also used dried cranberries as the store was out of the bulk ones (& I didn't need a full bag). I browned the chicken before putting it in the crockpot and deboned before readding in step #6. Thank you for your Craze-E contest entry!

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Susie D November 03, 2008

Since I am a vegetarian, I used substitute chicken strips, and therefore had no problems with bones:D Unlike most of the crock pot recipes I tried, this did NOT come out watery, even before I added the cornstarch! I did add more than 1 cup of butternut squash myself, and used dried thyme instead of fresh. Great recipe! The cranberry and squash combination was key. Thanks! Made for Craze-E crock pot contest.

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Kumquat the Cat's friend November 03, 2008

Love the simplicity and blend of flavors. With most recipes having a lengthy list of processed ingredients and seasonings, just using all fresh vegetables and fresh thyme is a breath of fresh air! Next time I'd probably use the whole squash and more of the other yummy veggies, especially more cranberries - as is, this recipe only serves two to three people. Just one suggestion: the chicken's so beautifully tender that it falls off the bone when you turn the heat to high; while it was easy to pull out the four bones, there's some other weird stuff that goes along with the bone that mixed in with everything else and had to be picked out at the table. Deboning the meat before putting it back in the pot, or when it starts pulling away from the bones, would solve this problem. Terrific Fall recipe!

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FLKeysJen November 03, 2008
Autumn Chicken With Harvest Vegetables