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ok i saw someone ^^^^^^^ say they where not good .. maybe they did not know how to follow directions .. because we are a family of 8. And every one loved them. they where s good i made 40 they all flew. super good .i did have to add more chili powder and salt but that is normal when u are following a home recipe. your directions where right on. thanks for a wonderful dinner ........

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melijo September 12, 2012

I live near San Antonio and have eaten Los Barrios a number of times. I have made this recipe two or three times. DH and I liked it and the in-laws (living several states away from good tex-mex) really enjoyed it. As another reviewer commented, the enchilada gravy IS bland and isn't intended to stand on it's own. For a spicier, more interesting sauce, I suggest a ranchera. I made the gravy and decided not to use it for a few days. If stored, plan on needing to warm it up and thin it with water. I cooked the chili longer to develop the flavor more. Depending on your tastes, you may want a little less chili powder. If you don't have pico de gallo, you can top this with regular picante sauce, like Pace's, or fresh, chopped tomato. I recommend sour cream and guacamole on the side. Delicioso!

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No MSG! July 05, 2006

I'm reserving stars on this one. My husband really liked these but honestly, I did not care for them at all. There is a lot of flour in the gravy which made it much too thick and really put me off. Even with good chili powder, the gravy is very mild. I would reduce the flour and increase the chili powder to fit my tastes. I also thought there was way too much meat in the dish. Omitted the beans and used more like 12 corn tortillas. Made a half recipe of the enchilada gravy and still had too much for a 13x9 pan. I love trying new recipes, though, and appreciate your sharing yours!

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LonghornMama June 10, 2007

Love this recipe. I grew up in Texas and miss texmex so much. I did change a few things. I added more chili powder and salt and used 1 can if beef broth in sauce. I also used a can of beef broth in chili con Carne. And no beans. And used monterrey jack cheese instead of American. I will make it again. Half the enchilada sauce next time, it makes a ton of sauce. Thanks for recipe. Felt close to home while eating.

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huneybee327 October 13, 2015

m a born and raised Texan and l love my tex-mex... I thought this was really good but it make WAY too much gravy and mine was really thick right off the bat... I would do these again but reduce the flower and half the gravy recipe

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kelly.mctague_12693780 March 02, 2014

Delicious! I followed the measurements thinking 'that sure is a lot of rue.' I added a little extra oil since 1:2 ratio was too thick to manage. I cooked it until it was almost as dark as milk chocolate. Then thinned it with chicken stock. By the time I had the right gravy consistency, I had lots more than two quarts - just added more chicken stock until it thinned out. Added more of the dry ingredients in the required ratio but I don't think I actually doubled them. It took a lot longer than 30 minutes, but I was getting things ready a day ahead of time. This is by far the best sauce I've ever made and I'll use it often.<br/><br/>The meat was good too. I tripled the recipe and added 3 roasted pablano peppers. With all that sauce we had cheese enchiladas with and without the meat in the gravy. I also rolled the meat into beef enchiladas to top with gravy and cheese. Thank goodness we all love tex-mex, but next time I'll start with half the rue (I've still got a quart left over).

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ICanBurnWater November 24, 2013

I made the gravy part for enchiladas last night. I halved the recipe and think I could have used more water to make the gravy thinner. The spices were right on for my family.

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TransplantedHusker February 28, 2010

I haven't made the enchilada portion yet, but my family loves the Chili Con Carne! My DH avoids tomatoes, so this really hit the spot for him.

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wvgreenb March 28, 2009

Definitely tasted like restaurant enchiladas. Halved the gravy but upped the chili powder and salt. May try broth next time instead of water. Used Co Jack cheese and added chopped onion.

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lglowicki November 04, 2008

I have been looking for this recipe for years, thank you for sharing! I would personally add chopped onions either in or on top of the enchiladas. As well, my secret is to use Land O Lakes American cheese. I've only found it in the deli section, (at Walmart recently), and buy it by the block, grate myself. I live in Austin area, and almost asked people in the grocery store today for a recipe! Thank you, you saved me, and we WILL be having enchiladas this week for dinner.

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amsnggrace February 25, 2007
Authentic Tex-Mexican Enchiladas