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this is an authentic recipe for swedish meatballs. i married a swede and his gamla mor mor (old mother's mother) taught me to make them just like this. the secrets that you must follow are these.... always grate the onions very fine, including the onion juice and make your meatballs small. not like italian meatballs, but about double the size of a marble. i can't remember if they make them petite at ikea. as far as the sauce, or gravy, make plenty of it and let the diner scoop it on themself. if you can't fid lingonberry, you can use cranberry, or raspberry on the side. make sure to boil fingerling. or small red potatoes with the skin on.

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noneenator May 19, 2011

We really enjoyed these. They have such a nice flavor and although they are not "spicey" they have a nice delicate flavor that is well rounded. I put them over tricolor radiatore pasta. My little girl loves Swedish meatballs so I made these as a surprise for her. She really loved them. I used a slightly different gravy because I needed alot of it since I was putting them over pasta. I made just one change to the meatballs- I had to add more meat. There was too much liquid for this small amount of meat. It was still really squishy and wet after the chill time so I added meat a quarter pound at a time until I thought they were about right. I ended up adding another whole pound of meat and they were still very soft but I left them that way because the recipe says they are supposed to be very soft. All the other ingredients I left as written in the recipe. For the gravy, I cooked 3 tablespoons of butter with 4 tablespoons of flour until browned and then added 2 cups of light cream, the pan juices, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp white pepper and 1 teaspoon of beef base. It was absolutely perfect and complimented your meatballs perefectly! The gravy did not over power the delicate flavor of the meatballs. I also resisted my urge to add garlic. Being Italian, I just want to add garlic to everything and I think it does not belong here so I held my garlic hand back! :) I ended up with 51 of these little cuties. Thanks for the great recipe Ingrid!

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Realtor by day, Chef by night May 12, 2009

Delicious Swedish meatballs. The flavor was wonderful. I did do the pan sauce and served with the option of using noodles with the meatballs and sauce. My only problem with the recipe was the consistency of the meatballs. After reading some other reviews, I decided to use a little bit less milk and a little more bread crumbs so the meatballs wouldn't be too soft. I followed the directions in terms of putting the mixture in the refrigerator and also after forming into balls. The meatballs were still had too much liquid to form and keep the round ball shape. I'm wondering if there is a difference in the breadcrumbs you use.? That's the only thing I can think of that would change the consistency. That said, I really loved the flavor and would like to try them again. Thank you. Made for ZWT9 Scandinavia - for the Soup-A-Stars

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LifeIsGood August 04, 2013

We enjoyed these for a late night dinner last night. I cooked mine in the oven by personal choice. Made for PRMR.

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Lavender Lynn November 20, 2011

Great recipe, very tasty. Thanks for a wonderful recipe. Made for ZWT6.

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KimmieCat1 June 07, 2010

This was positively the best Swedish Meatball recipe I have ever made. I did go ahead and made the sauce, because I really like it for added flavor. But the meatballs were scrumptious and so easy to make, so I can imagine they'd be wonderful even without the sauce. I think I must not have left them in the refrigerator long enough though, because they were so soft when rolling into a ball, and they flattened a bit when I started cooking them. But it didn't detract from the taste one bit. I am a tried and true fan of this recipe and will not try another Swedish Meatball recipe again. Thanks IngridH. Made for Zaar World Tour #6.

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NorthwestGal June 06, 2010

I cut the meatball recipe back to use just a pound of ground beef. They were a bit wet but still cooked up beautifully and were so tender and soft. Nice subtle flavour. I did find the sauce a little plain so added just a tiny smidge of allspice and a timy garting of nutmeg. Not alot just enought to really bring out the flavour of the meatballs. Served them with boiled baby red potatoes and a cranberry mash I made kind of follwoing a Zaar reveiw for another Swedish meatball recipe since I can't buy Lingon berry preserves except at Ikea and it is far away. I just softened sweetend dried cranberries in hot water then tossed in a food processor with some lemon zest,sugar a bit of the water from the cranberries and blended to a mash. worked great ( thanks twissis for that idea) Made for 1,2,3 Hit wonders

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wicked cook 46 August 25, 2009

Terrific swedish meatballs, made them as directed and served it with some lingonberry sauce

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MarraMamba July 09, 2009
Authentic Swedish Meatballs