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OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Can I just say what an amazing dinner these make!! The technique for this recipe is a brut to master, but well worth the effort. My boyfriend is from El Salvador so I made these for him as a token of my love. He said that my papusas were better than his grandmothers. "she uses too much beans" he says. Cheese is the melody and the beans are the beat. A couple of tips I pioneered on because I didnt have lorocco for the cheese, I used fresh jalapenos minus the seeds instead. For the beans, use raw bagged red beans, and add some garlic, a couple of bay leaves and salt while boiling the beans. The beans take about an hour on a medium simmer, adding more water when needed and stirring occasionally. I also had a bit of difficulty with the rolling of the cheese and beans in a single tortilla. They looked like biscuits, and didnt fry well. Try rolling a small thick tortilla from masa on parchment paper, spreading a nice layer of cheese, a dallop of beans, leave about a 1/4 of an inch from the edge then place another small thick tortilla on top, then press close the tortillas edges with the fork. With another piece of parchment on top, flatten the pupusa with a plate or a rolling pin until its about 1/3 of an inch thick together. For 4 cups of Masa, use about 3 1/2 cups of hot water, but add gradually, start about a half cup at a time, and mix with your hands as you go. The consistency will tell you when it is ready. It will be firm, like bread dough. DONT FORGET THE CURTIDO AND SALSA!!! These are CRUCIAL and absolutely decadent!! They arent the same the next day after an overnighter in the refridgerator, so if you made too many, share the weath with a neighbor. They will never complain about your music being too loud ever again. This is a truely lovely recipe and I am greatful to the original poster of this culinary masterpiece. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!! Giggity Yummerz!!

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giggity*good*cook May 06, 2010

These were awesome! i have never eaten or made pupusas....yes the recipe is time consuming, however definitely well worth it....i did add more hot peppers to the curtido...i like it hot! The actual dough was difficult to work with so i made two very flat "discs" as suggested on an earlier review, and put them together which looked better and worked out well....thank you for an awesome recipe...(my husband has had authentic pupusas in the past and he said mine were definitely the best) i would suggest to anyone trying these for the first time to make the salsa and curtido....just as recipe states! thanks again!

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Glory to God! September 13, 2010

I LOVE pupusas!!! I just came back from a month long stay in El Salvador and wanted to make this traditional dish for my family. This recipe is a very good representation of pupusas. Thank you for sharing.

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superblondieno2 July 09, 2010

TAS-TEE! Ours turned out quite horrid looking compared to the Salvadorian restaurant at which we've had our first and only pupusas, but the flavor was right on the money. I would venture to say that this isn't a "beginner" recipe in terms of manual construction, but we found that layering the filling between two masa "discs" was slightly easier than forming the edges of one layer up and over the filling and then sealing it closed. I'm sure the difficulty of this task is specific to one's experience... ;) I think the key lies in getting the right level of moisture in the masa dough because if it dries out slightly while forming, you're going to get cracks through which the filling will leak. Next time we're going to cheat and just lay the filling mixture on TOP of the masa disc -- Same flavor, a LOT less work for us lazy bums. For the cheese mixture, I had to use what I had on hand which turned out really good! -- shredded mozzarella, a Mexican blend of shredded cheeses, minced bell pepper and minced pepperoncini. There was way too much leftover cheese, but it was so good, we're going to use it for something else. All in all a delicious and authentic-tasting version of a favorite, especially served with Curtido. Thank you so much for sharing!

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Sandi (From CA) March 16, 2008

Que ricura!!!

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murdamilz305 December 11, 2012
Authentic Salvadorean Pupusas