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super yummy-thanks for the recipe! To the "critic"....lo mein is like meatloaf-no two people make it the same way in China or anywhere else. This woman lives in Hong Kong, not just for two years, I'm guessing she has more "real deal" experience than you. If you didn't like "linda's busy kitchen" post why did you even bother making it.

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biscotti girl September 02, 2009

This is my husband's favorite meal at a Chinese restraunt. However, we live in North Dakota now and let's just say Chinese food is hard to come by. I came across this last night, and thought why not. I had everything I needed in the pantry minus the noodles. I boiled my thin spaghetti noodles with baking soda turning the noodles into oriental style noodles... The flavor of this was awesome!!!!! My hubby said he might not ever order it again if he gets the chance, thought this was way better than anything he has ordered in a resteraunt before. Thank you so much Linda for posting this!!!!

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WyomingMoonDust February 12, 2011

I was having company and decided to do something different than usual, so I went Chinese. This Lo Mein is just delicious, and truly authentic! I had along with General Tso's Chicken (Tso Chung Gai) and it was one meal to remember. I will be making it again and again and the gang can't wait!

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Chef Charlee June 07, 2008

i have not yet tried this recipe but i intend to do so. in the meantime, i couldn't help but say of Chef #868046 that while i respect her/his right to express her/his dislike of the recipe, and even to disagree about whether or not it is "authentic," adding that smug and sarcastic "Cheers!" to the end of her/his nastily-toned post was sort of the ironic finishing touch that i think helps define her/him as a rather cheerless person.

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equinoxia March 16, 2012

Linda your recipe was truly delicious I tried it your way first and switched things around to suit my palette. But it was still really delicious, Thank you for a great recipe!

Hi 868046,

I just wanted to say that it's wonderful you have had the opportunity to live in China and experience their wonderful cooking. However the wonderful authentic recipes we get here in America are in fact not authentic to China at all. They're recipes that have been created with Asian influence but to suit our taste over here with the ingredients that are used here in the US. So with that said I get your post but you may want to take a closer look at a recipe to make sure it's really what you're looking for. Instead of judging a recipe based on a title

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bajigyal August 07, 2011

We really enjoyed this a lot! I have had a hard time finding a noodle recipe that wasn't too sweet, and this fit the bill perfectly. I did make a few modifications to make it a little faster/easier for my weeknight meal, and I made it meatless this time. I used two bags of frozen stir fry veggies, then added the sauce once they were cooked through. The sauce still thickened nicely, and then I poured it over the seasoned noodles. Very fast, easy and delicious. Next time I will make it with chicken. Definitely a keeper!

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CarlaP July 11, 2011

Wow!<br/><br/>I dislike using pre-packaged sauces as i don't know what's in them (really). I didn't think i'd ever find a recipe for something that tasted like this. Delicious!<br/><br/>I had to do a few side steps to compensate for lack of ingredients: i used steam fried noodles as there weren't any of the proper noodles available at my grocery store; no bamboo shoots; doubled up the pepper; no rice wine - subbed rice wine vinegar.<br/><br/>I omitted some of the steps based on these noodles instructions for cooking and did not include the sugar/salt post veggie fry.<br/>Also i made it with chicken and shrimp.<br/><br/>I used a 14oz package of noodles and there was more than enough sauce, meat, and veg to blend in.<br/><br/>Thank you for sharing!

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lantonio04 January 02, 2014

This recipe is great! I've made it twice now, and it's a big hit with my husband. I take a shortcut by throwing in a couple of big handfuls of frozen stir fry vegetable mix (but I still use fresh ginger and garlic). I made this for my mom, and since she has a severe shellfish allergy, I used a mushroom-based oyster sauce substitute I found at the Asian grocery up the street. Still delicious.

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snufaluph October 16, 2013

The flavor of this is is spot-on to what I've tasted in many chinese restaurants, even better than most. It was REALLY good. The only thing I'd change next time is the amount of noodles. The recipe calls for a pound of noodles but it seemed a little too much for the meat and veggies I had, so next time I will probably cook up 3/4 pound of noodles instead of a full pound. Thanks so much for posting this recipe. It's definitely a keeper!

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Mari H January 09, 2012

Just made this just the way it calls for, I used carrots instead of peppers and this is one of the best lo mein recipes I have ever tasted. Great job Linda and thank you so much for a fantastic recipe

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txgarners_13101635 July 17, 2011
Authentic Pork Lo Mein - Chinese