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These went together rather quickly, and the end result was a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner. I made my own sauce, instead of the marinara sauce, and with the addition of these mega meatballs, and my friend and I had a feast. I did make bigger meatballs, as that's how we like them. Spices were perfectly blended with the meat and other ingredients, which is really important for meatballs. By the way, thanks so much for the tip on freezing. It came in handy!

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wholelottagall October 02, 2008

I halved the recipe -- using half ground beef and half ground turkey. It was a great combo. I also used two large whole eggs instead of the just the egg whites. I had never used planko crumbs in meatballs before and liked the results very much. I did come across a slight problem in the recipe directions. It says to combine several ingredients including the parsley in the blender -- which I did. But then I got to the next step and it said to add the parsley along with some other ingredients to the pureed stock -- it seems the parsley is listed in two different steps. I made the meatballs on the small side -- and will either make them larger the next time -- or reduce the baking time. It's nice to have another meatball recipe to add to the rest in my cookbook.

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Bobbie November 18, 2008
Authentic Northern Italian Meatballs