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I tried making my own barley flour by placing barley in my food processor. I was able to make about 3/4 cup flour. For the other 3/4 cup I used rice flour. In deference to DH's preferences I didn't add any seeds. We loved the bread. It had a lovely crust on the outside and a nice soft, dense inside. Made for Ramadan Tag.

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Dreamer in Ontario August 28, 2011

Excellent bread recipe I have made Paula Wolfert's version many times, so this was a nice surprise. I used Nigella seeds on top as I like the taste nuances, and the breads came out perfect! On the "High Altitude" baking note from another member, being an Executive Pastry Chef and having worked for many years at High Altitude, (6,300 ft,) here is a tip": There really is no adjustment for yeast doughs per se. I think you had the oven temp to low at 350F. You might want to lower the oven temperature only 15F - 25F degrees max. Also, frequently you need to add a little more liquid as flours tend to dry out due to the lower humidity, but that varies depending on region. That is all, it will work excellently. Happy Baking!

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Chefette2u August 20, 2011

Unable to find barley flour, I substituted whole wheat flour. Added the cumin seeds. Was quite tasty. Be aware, this is a dense and very hearty bread.

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SFBill March 13, 2011

This bread had wonderful flavor! I used the barley flour and cumin seeds. I just wish I didn't live at high altitude and have mixed results with baking bread, which is why I'm not giving it a rating. Because Nasseh had such detailed directions that rely more on the texture of the bread than liquid amounts, I hoped this might work for me. The texture of the dough was perfect and it rose beautifully. The crust crisped up and browned nicely. However, when I took it out of the oven and cut into it, the inside was gooey and sticky. I then baked it another 10 minutes at 350, and it was still just as gooey. So disappointing, because the flavor was great. I will definitely try this again after doing more research on possible adjustments for high altitude and will update my review if I have any recommendations for high altitude. Thanks for posting!

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noway April 04, 2010

Easy to make. I wanted to add sesame seeds to the dough but forgot . Nice crisp crust with a chewy inside. YUM. I used whole wheat flour and the unbleached flour. Made for Zaar Stars.

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wicked cook 46 November 07, 2009

This bread was wonderful, we really enjoyed it and I'll be making it again soon. Instead of sesame seeds or cumin I used za'atar. I also used watered down yogurt instead of milk since I like the flavor that gives to breads. Thank you for a keeper Nasseh.

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Leah's Kitchen September 15, 2009

I was a bit nervous about making bread, the whole yeast thing scares me but this recipe was very easy to follow and it turned out just great. I was very pleased with myself so thanks Nasseh a definate keeper!

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Tulip-Fairy November 01, 2008

This bread was easy to make and came out very good! It was very dense inside with a fairly crispy crust. I used wheat flour in place of the barley flour. This was my first try at making a bread like this one and I was very pleased with the results - thanks for sharing your recipe!

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loof June 13, 2008
Authentic Moroccan Bread