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First, don't let the title fool you. This is a cooked salsa.
Blanching worked all right with my tomatoes, but the jalapeno would not cooperate. I boiled it for a while, but still couldn't skin it.
I had a bit of of problem with the instructions. It wasn't clear what the texture was supposed to be, and I'm not sure why "cumin" in the ingredients list becomes "comino" in the directions. I did cut up the tomatoes and jalapenos, because I didn't think they'd work going in whole.
I didn't like this at all when I tasted it right after I made it. But after refrigerating it for several hours, it was a different story. The flavors blended beautifully, and in spite of the fact that the salsa is cooked, it had a wonderfully fresh taste.
This tastes very good, and I think it's a good salsa to use in cooking. Thanks for posting!

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Chocolatl March 25, 2012
Authentic Mexico Garden Fresh Salsa/Hot Sauce