Authentic Mexican Rice

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 25 mins

This is the real thing that 20 million Mexican mothers are serving tonight.

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  1. Rinse rice under cold water until water begins to run clear of starch.
  2. In saucepan or large skillet with lid (preferably non-stick) heat oil over medium heat. Add drained rice and fry until lightly browned, about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent burning.
  3. In the meantime, add next 5 ingredients (not mixed veggies) to a blender and blend until smooth.
  4. When rice is done frying, drain excess oil.
  5. Add tomato purée to rice and continue frying about 5 more minutes, stirring frequently to prevent burning. Add water and stir to separate lumps of rice.
  6. Taste broth to check for salt. It should almost taste too salty because the rice will soak up a lot of salt and still come out bland. Drain can of vegetables (or canned peas and carrots) and add to broth.
  7. Stir.
  8. Bring to a boil. Cover and lower flame to low and cook for 20 minutes or until all broth is absorbed--do not lift lid for 20 minutes. (This was my major mistake when I was learning to make this dish. I would check it halfway through and all the steam would escape. I used to even--GASP!--stir it halfway through! Don't do this unless you want a big gloppy mess for dinner).
  9. Enjoy!


Most Helpful

This was pretty close to what I was after. I used bacon grease instead of oil which I think makes it better, I had tried a recipe that had called for butter but I don`t think it was right for Mexican rice. I only used one tomato, seeded and peeled. I did not use the mixed vegetables, that did`nt sound like what I was trying to achieve.I really liked the idea of putting everything in a blender instead of all the work of chopping things up. The 1/2 tabls. of salt is not too much either. I used about a third cup less water because of some of the reviews that said it was still goopy after 20 min. I will definitely makes this again, in fact its going into my Favorites cookbook. Thanks so much for posting. Vi

RECIPE ADDICT August 25, 2008

This was a good basic Mexican rice. I think what it was missing was some tomato sauce maybe or even some fresh chopped cilantro stirred in the last few minutes. It's a 4 star recipe :)

mommyluvs2cook November 12, 2016

Made this as a side to our Tex-Mex themed dinner with family and friends and loved it. After reading reviews was a little nervous but decided to go with it and I must say, I followed your directions with just a few changes and it turned out perfect. No issues with it clumping or being mushy at all. Thinking what might have happened to others is they did not rinse long enough for the water to run clear. I took my time and rinsed beyond what I thought it needed and it was perfect. I added fresh corn kernels to mine, the one problem I did have was that step#5 said add tomato puree, and I did not see that in the list of ingredients so just winged it and added 1/4 cup and that seemed to work fine. I did reduce the water by 1/2 cup and this seemed perfect. Great flavors. Since I was making this in advance placed in a casserole and topped with Mexican Blend cheese and then will bake to warm before serving, making this a great make ahead dish. I did take the photo before adding the cheese as the recipe doesn't have chees or baking

Bonnie G #2 September 10, 2016

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