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Although I must admit that Pot Scrubber's Mexican rice is still my favorite recipe, sometimes oven space is at a premium and the rice needs to be fully stovetop-made. In those instances, I have my backup stovetop recipe. I think this may replace my backup stovetop recipe, since it produces equally good results with a similar but less fiddly procedure. This produces a nice, lightly-tomato-flavored rice, not too dry, not gloppy at all, and frozen peas/corn/diced carrots could be added if veggies are desired. If you tend to stick with packaged Mexican rice instead of freshly-made for convenience, I think you might find that the slight amount of extra effort needed for a recipe like this is worth the payoff in flavor. Also, this rice reheats well in the microwave if need be. Just place in a covered dish, and sprinkle it with a bit of water before reheating. Thanks for posting -- this will be a definite repeat for us!

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Muffin Goddess April 10, 2008

Super tasty! It was very flavorful, very easy, and by far the best rice I've ever made. Even the picky husband enjoyed it.

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mrs.tate2013 May 29, 2014

Great recipe! It was quick and easy! I cheated and used Rotel instead of fresh tomatoes but it turned out great. I also added a tsp of cumin and coriander powder.

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Cooking_Creole January 04, 2013
Authentic Mexican Rice