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This is the third time I've made these, always for company. They are labor intensive, sure, but they're the most authentic tasting and guests rave over them. They're also really cost-effective - you can feed a dinner party of 8 and still have leftovers for less than $30. I slice the serranos in half and leave most of the rib and seeds in them to give the sauce some extra heat. Since I only have one big stockpot, I boil the tomatillos, chiles, onion and garlic first, and then use that cooking liquid to boil the chicken for a little extra flavor that doesn't compete with the rest of the dish. It may seem like a lot of added oil, but that 2/3c that the sauce simmers in for 40 minutes keeps the sauce from soaking right into the tortilla and disappearing - don't skip that step! I usually add a bit of salt at that point as well. Thank you PanNan for a fabulous recipe that's well worth the work.

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msdparker November 15, 2011

I liked these, but I didn't really love them. The green sauce is really nice, and worth the work that went into making it. I didn't care for the texture of the corn tortillas, they just kind of fell apart and turned mushy. I also felt that it needed a bit more flavor; some cumin sprinkled on top fixed that. I'd make these again, using flour tortillas and adding some cumin to the chicken. Made for ZWT8.

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IngridH August 27, 2012

These were very good enchiladas. Are these very different than "Suizas Enchiladas"? We froze some leftovers, and they tasted great after thawing and reheating weeks later.

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Desert Mojo October 11, 2009

I made these for dinner last night, and boy was I pooped when I was done cooking hehe :-) Overall we enjoyed the enchiladas, however they seemed to lack in flavor. With the amount of serranos in the sauce I was suprised that it wasnt alittle more flavorful, but it just didnt have the amount of flavor we were expecting. The enchiladas were a little on the moist side, and a couple didnt hold together when removed from the pan. I think next time I might add some cumin, black pepper and lime to the chicken for added flavor, as I didnt feel the chicken had enough flavor. My tomatillos may very well have been smaller than what you call for, and that may have affected this, but Im not really sure. I'll definitely try these again with some added flavors and maybe some more chilies hehe :-)I may not use the addition of the onion on top of the enchiladas, as I think there is more than enough onion already w/out the extra chopped onion. Thanks for the recipe. Im sorry that this didnt work out for me as well as it does for you. I enjoyed making them very much :-) and it was definitely worth it.

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love4culinary June 23, 2003

LOVED the Verde sauce. Although for some reason I didn't have enough. Maybe I made too many enchiladas!! LOL I didn't add that many serrano peppers though!! There is no way my family could have handled that much heat!! I added only one and it was perfect!! At least for my family. Am DEFINITELY gonna use this recipe for a LONG TIME!! thank you!!

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Strwbryblnde9 May 29, 2010

Delicious!!! The sauce definitely needed a little extra of the cooking liquid to thin it out but it was so flavorful! This recipe is time consuming but if you do each part separately it doesn't seem so overwhelming. I had previously made the chicken so I wouldn't have so much to do at once. Will make again for sure!!!

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la-rojita July 01, 2009

Outstanding, I had to use two cans of tomatillos (we don't have tomatillos readily available in our region. I'm blessed a zaar friend sent me some from the US). Our local favourite Tex-Mex restaurant closed down and we can't get our verde fix. This recipe was equally yummy, then the one we crave at the restaurant. The flavour was wonderful. Thanks PanNan for the demo classes (That's when I noticed the recipe) and thanks for posting the recipe PanNan

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Chef floWer May 23, 2009

Nan, I have been looking for a particular combination of flavors for a verde recipe. This is it! Rich, delicious, a real treat and very different from the usual red-sauced enchiladas. A lot of work, but the finished dish is worth every minute. Because I have tendermouths in the house, I will need to cut back on the chilis next time, but it is SO good just as posted. Thank you so much! (I am sorry the photo is fuzzy. I am embarrassed.)

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Queen Dragon Mom October 06, 2007

I choose this recipe for Freezer Tag it. I done everything completely up to step 26. I popped them on a cookie sheet and flash froze them. Put all in freezer bags and froze. I took the sauce and put it in a seperate freezer bag and froze. When I was ready to make this I layed it in fridge to thaw over night. Then finished preparing it from step 27 to completion. With that all being said it is great for omac because it can be frozen and reheated. As for taste we didnt like the sauce. But I salvaged it and put on some salsa and extra cheese. This is a great meal if you enjoy this kind of sauce. I will probably make again but with alot of tweaking and finishing it with a red sauce of some sort. Thanks for the recipe and the experience. Greatly appericated.

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barefootmommawv September 24, 2007

Fabulous!! The sauce really makes these enchiladas (and I used my food processor instead of a blender bc it was going to get dirty anyway from shredding the cheese). This makes a lot, which is great bc I plan to freeze the leftovers in indivdual servings. I was afraid of all the serranos, but there was enough tomatillos and cilantro to balance it all out. I used to poach boneless, skinless breasts but skin on/bone in is the only way to go. I did use flour tortillas bc of personal preference, and sour cream bc I had some I wanted to use up. I also find that the monterey jack is better than cheddar here too.

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Jules127 August 30, 2007
Authentic Mexican Enchiladas Verdes