Authentic Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken

Total Time
2hrs 15mins
Prep 1 hr 30 mins
Cook 45 mins

I'm Jamaican and this is the way my Mama made brown stew chicken. It's traditionally served with rice and peas, sliced tomatoes / avocado and fried ripe plantain. If you cut the chicken into very small pieces, you'll need to reduce the cooking times. Enjoy!

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  1. Squeeze lime over chicken and rub well. Drain off excess lime juice.
  2. Combine tomato, scallion, onion, garlic, pepper, thyme, pimento and soy sauce in a large bowl with the chicken pieces. Cover and marinate at least one hour.
  3. Heat oil in a dutch pot or large saucepan. Shake off the seasonings as you remove each piece of chicken from the marinade. Reserve the marinade for sauce.
  4. Lightly brown the chicken a few pieces at a time in very hot oil. Place browned chicken pieces on a plate to rest while you brown the remaining pieces.
  5. Drain off excess oil and return the chicken to the pan. Pour the marinade over the chicken and add the carrots. Stir and cook over medium heat for 10 minutes.
  6. Mix flour and coconut milk and add to stew, stirring constantly. Turn heat down to minimum and cook another 20 minutes or until tender.
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I am Jamaican and I honestly must say that some of the ingredients are wrong. Jamaican stewed chicken does not have coconut milk. The chicken is to be dark brown and most Jamaicans will use catchup as a thickening agent but never flour. You need to revisit the recipe again because this is not a Jamaican recipe.

Carolee99 November 03, 2012

I've made this dish twice in the last week. Once for my house and 4 days later for an Aunt who made a special request. The only thing is, I had to add salt and a little browning to get the desired coloring I prefer. Otherwise, AWESOME dish.

AngieH February 08, 2010

Yo mama tripppin. Lol ! I'm Jamaican , my dad is Jamaican , he's also a chef & this recipe thew me offffffff.

Anonymous May 21, 2015