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You will never use canned tomato sauce again after trying this sauce.This is how the italians make it and it is exceptional.I make this all summer and as far into the fall as I can find decent tomatoes.I highly recommend you use roma or italian tomatoes and discard the seeds as they are bitter.

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evelync April 18, 2002

I've been making this recipe for about a year now and here are the tweaks I've made to it based on how other people I know make authentic italian sauce, but using this recipe as the main "framework": *instead of 8 regular tomatoes I use 12 roma tomatoes *instead of all black pepper I use 1/2 black pepper and the other 1/2 of white pepper *instead of fresh basil I use a tbsp dried basil *instead of fresh garlic 1 1/2 tbsp instant dried garlic *added a pinch of marjoram and a pinch of oregano *no crushed pepper flakes *cook on low 2 hours, stirring every 10 minutes so it doesn't burn. Usually 15-30 minutes on high at the end to thicken it up and get rid of most of the liquid. I find that with these changes the flavors are more intense and have more dimensions although it is still a light tasting sauce, but if you want to feel more authentic as a cook you could stick to all fresh ingredients although the flavor is different somehow when the garlic and basil are fresh. To serve I put it over spagetti noodles or over little circles of bread for bruschetta. I put fresh parmesan on top which I find is very important to the flavor. Mix it in well and then add a little more on top. It comes out very thick and hearty even though there is no meat and even the men in my family love it which is a surprise because they don't like pasta and have to have meat at every meal (not with this dish!). Once I made these changes there are never leftovers and everyone gets seconds or thirds so I have to use a HUGE pot to make enough. This is enough for about 4 servings (calculate 3 tomatoes a person when buying them, more if they will have more than 1 serving)

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939275 December 07, 2008

This is a staple! I probably serve this 2-3 times a month. If I don't have fresh tomatoes on hand I use 2 cans of diced tomatoes. If no fresh basil is around, I use about a tablespoon dried basil. Mushrooms are great in this sauce, and I like topping it with a little grated Parmesan. I use this sauce with a number of recipes, including Eggplant Parmesan--it's the best. Everybody always raves about it.

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Renegade Chef June 20, 2007

Have a good day Ragu...<br/>Cya

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redski January 12, 2014

We ate this sauce tonight after freezing the sauce from the fall garden - excellent with the red pepper flakes for a nice kick. Served with turkey meatballs and wheat noodles.

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marcoandrita March 07, 2010

This was a wonderful amd tasty recipe. I made a huge batch and canned it. Thanks.

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Mamarobyn September 01, 2009

Five Star Flavor! Used up a bunch of tomatoes from my garden. The only trouble was that the texture would not thicken. I let it simmer for 2 1/2 hours, it did a little. I am new to making sauce with fresh tomatoes, I love the pomodoro flavor. I didn't want to alter the flavor by adding paste, any suggestions? Also, there are alot of seeds. Next time i will strain some of them out prior. Besides that it is a great recipe. I am going to pick up some jumbo lump crab meat and add it for tomorrows dinner. I will definitely use this recipe again!

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Mel In NJ October 02, 2008

This is great sauce. So easy to make also, what more could anyone want. The only change I made was : I didn't add the crushed red pepper flakes. I have small children plus I'm whimpy. I used this sauce for stuffed shells it was wonderful. Thanks so much!

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children from A to Z March 15, 2008

This definately helped me out a ton! It's so simple, but the taste is outstanding! Thanks for helping me find my Italian roots!

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pygmy15 November 16, 2007

This was wonderful! I did forget the red pepper flakes and added a few chopped onions from another dish I was preparing and it still turned out great! My husband fixed any chances of leftovers!

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Hello, I'm Chef August 02, 2007
Authentic Italian Spaghetti Sauce