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Thank you for the recipe, taste delicious!

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yudinata August 21, 2012

This is exactly how I have been making meatballs for many years. I bake them and let them simmer in a good 'sunday gravy' for a few hours. Once in a while I add a little Italian sausage to the mix. I think soaking the bread in the milk makes a huge difference.

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BayAreaRob October 13, 2016

Very good. I come from a long line of really good Italian cooks and am a bit critical of meatballs. I've used my mom's old recipe for the past 20 years and had decided I was looking for a change. I stumbled across this one and gave it a try. Glad I did! I used Italian seasoned breadcrumbs and dried parsley since I forgot to buy the real stuff. Cooked for 3 hours in my own sauce recipe. They were very tender (cooked only in the sauce) and flavorful. D-LISH!! I really enjoyed them and think I've found my new recipe replacement.

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Karin L. September 18, 2016

I made these today for the meat eaters in the house, and the reviews are in - they love them! I chose this reci pe because it was so easy and used all fresh ingredients. I fried them and then left them in sauce to simmer away. They're very moist and didn't fall apart. I used our usual whole grain bread instead of American, which I'm assuming means white, but not sure. I only had 1 lb of beef so I only used 1 egg, but left the rest the same - still got 12 decent sized meatballs from it. Thanks for the recipe!

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magpie diner July 24, 2009
Authentic Italian Meatballs